Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

The Adelaide Network [TAN] has been very fortunate to secure well-known nonprofit executive Karen Gryst, CEO of the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia), as guest speaker for its March meeting.
The Birthing Kit Foundation is dedicated to improving conditions for women in developing countries who give birth outside a hospital environments.

"Every 2 minutes, a woman dies of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth," Ms Gryst explains. "It can seem very overwhelming, daunting almost, when we think how we can make a difference to this anomaly on a global scale. 

"With an estimated 385,000 women dying annually in childbirth, many from infections acquired during childbirth, there's a great need for clean birthing kits.

"What The Birthing Kit foundation has done is to simplify a solution, so much so that we can all participate on a global scale…and all for less than a cup of coffee."

The Adelaide Network's natural healthcare  expert Kelly Hamiton, of Body Life Balance, said that this was somewhat of a departure from the network's mainly business focus.

"Karen's presentation will help TAN members understand the issues and spread the word so we can stop women dying needlessly due to the poor conditions of the places where they may be forced to give birth."

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