Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Trust is recognised as a vital element in healthy and productive workplace relationships. However, trust is fragile and can be easily damaged. By learning more about trust and how it is developed, you will be less likely to unintentionally damage the trust others have in you. You will also be more able to repair and grow trust in your workplace.  The more you understand about trust, the better decisions you will make about who is (who is not) trustworthy.

The workshop

This workshop will introduce you to the key elements of trust which includes:

·         Spectrum of trust

·         Cost of trust

·         Alternatives to trust

·         Strategies to improve trust in the workplace

·         How to rebuild damaged trust

·         Better skills to decide who is (and who is not) trustworthy

This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers and anyone who wants to understand more about the value of Trust in the workplace

When - Wednesday 26th March 2014 from 9am – 4.00pm

Where - Thebarton, SA

Cost - $495 per person includes GST, Workbook, Morning Tea and Lunch
Delivered by- Shelley Rogers from Individual & Organisational Development

To book – call 8351 7762 or email [email protected]


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