Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Former Home and Away Star Opens Up About Her New Life in LA and Her Partnership with Leading Driver Education Website, Aussie-Driver.com.

Aussie-Driver.com, a leading education website that lets users practice for their Driver Knowledge Test for free, today announced a partnership with actress Rhiannon Fish, who will serve as Aussie-Driver.com’s March brand ambassador.

Rhiannon, who is best known for her role as April Scott on Home and Away, relocated to LA at the start of the year, to follow her dream of finding success in Hollywood.

In an exclusive Q&A with Aussie-Driver.com , the 22-year-old star opens up about her difficulties in settling in to her new country and what she misses most about Australia, as well as sharing her top tips for teen drivers.

Aussie-Driver.com Founder, Andrei Zakhareuski said he was thrilled with the partnership.

“Rhiannon is a talented and motivated go-getter, who is the perfect role model to empower young people to learn to drive and to drive safely,” Mr Zakhareuski said.

Rhiannon Fish said she welcomed the opportunity to highlight the importance of teen driving safety.

“I have seen too many young people get into accidents that could have easily been avoided. I believe that by using Aussie-Driver.com we can greatly reduce the amount of accidents that are happening on the roads,” she said.

Tragically, in Australia young drivers (those aged 17-25 years) account for a quarter of all road deaths.

Aussie-Driver.com’s Andrei Zakhareuski, said practised and knowledgeable drivers were informed, safer drivers.  Rhiannon Fish agreed that practice is important.

“Using Aussie-Driver.com is a must! There is no such thing as practicing too much and the fact that it's free makes that possible. The website is the perfect way to build confidence,” she said.

To view Rhiannon’s exclusive interview with Aussie-Driver.com, visit www.aussie-driver.com. Fans can also join the Aussie-Driver.com Facebook community at www.facebook.com/aussiedriver or follow Aussie-Driver.com on Twitter at @AussieDriver

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