Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

The Bunnings hardware chain has been accused by the Country Alliance party of preventing community organisations involved in marine and waterfowl conservation projects and outdoor events for kids, from being able to hold fundraising sausage sizzles at it stores.

Party spokesman, Russell Bate, said Bunning’s policy means fishing, hunting and potentially other clubs are being targeted because of a political ideology that it says were closely aligned with the Greens.

“The policy is naïve in that fishing and hunting clubs contribute a lot to conservation projects that wouldn’t otherwise exist,” he said.

“For example, fishing licence revenues go into fish stocking programs and improving fish habitat in our waterways. Bunnings must think that’s a bad idea”

“It is also hypocritical in that sausage sizzles aren’t exactly meat free nor does show any interest in the welfare of animals used in the production of sausages,” said party spokesman, Russell Bate.

“If the chain was true to its word, it would limit the sausage sizzles to vegan sausages.  It would be fun to see how people react to that.”

Mr Bate said Bunnings should change its policy to allow any community organisation that is engaged in a legal activity to hold a sausage sizzle at its stores.

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The polices that the Country Alliance has provide a balanced range of positions designed to harness and grow regional communities, which creates jobs, which is of special importance to young people also voting for the first time. 

In particular, the Country Alliance party is committed to the representation and preservation of the rights and interests of those who live in, work in, or enjoy, rural and regional communities. We believe in equality of access to education, transportation, communication and health care for regional and rural communities. We support freedom of access to the public lands for the responsible pursuit of legitimate employment and recreational activities.  

We believe that the land management policies must be guided by and funded to meet the needs of the communities that live adjacent to public land or who access it for their recreation or livelihood. 

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