Friday, February 28th, 2014

In a sign of the times, Supanews’ newly launched online newsagency has already generated more than 47,000 transactions and sales in excess of $1.2M.  Products are available through and an eBay store. 

The new eCommerce website replicates many of the services found in a newsagency; including magazines, books, office supplies, ink & toner and stationery. In total, there are more than 1.5 million products available.

“We think the success is down to a combination of great prices, a huge range, free delivery and a very customer centric Australian based service team,” said Josh Dyson, the creative director at Grey Elk, the agency that helped Supanews launch online.

The Supanews brand started in 1992 and is arguably one of Australia‘s leading newsagency chains. Supanews Retail Pty Ltd has stores in major shopping complexes and transit locations on the east coast of Australia. 

“With we’ve brought the whole Supanews experience online and added to it exponentially,” added Mr Dyson. 

“We’ve positioned as Australia’s Online Newsagency, so it was really important to us that we had the full offer of products you’d expect to find in a newsagency available online,” said Dyson. “And value is a big part of the proposition.  Shoppers can save up to 65% on the cover price of magazines and 30% on ink cartridges compared to Officeworks.” 

“Our hope is that Supanews can disrupt the big stationery retailers and their disingenuous guarantees around price.  We’ve seen it happen in books and now it is time people got the same sort of saving in stationery too."

Grey Elk, a new digital strategy agency based in Fitzroy, was tasked with taking the Supanews brand online.

“Both ourselves and the client are very happy with how things are tracking. It was a very soft launch, but those customers whom have shopped with Supanews are coming back.  So that’s a very encouraging thing," said Dyson.

“At this stage we believe Supanews’ online operations are on track to do sales somewhere between $3M and $5M in the first full year.  And there are plans to start selling into markets beyond Australia so it could end up being more.  That’s not a bad first year!”

In a time when local newsagencies are closing, the fresh take of a bigger and better version opening up online is systemic of the problem being faced by many physical retailers.  An always open store with a much larger range and better pricing has pretty much been the story of retail versus online and now it is happening to the newsagency too.’s vision is to reach people who have lost their local newsagency or simply want to save money.

“Bricks and mortar newsagents have been under threat for years.  Their numbers are gradually decreasing for a multitude of reasons. I am not at all surprised that is doing well and that they plan to do even better,“ said Stuart Bennie of Impact Retailing

“We believe the CBDs of Sydney and Melbourne don’t really have any good newsagencies or bookstores left.  So we’d argue that the best newsagency and book offer in Sydney and Melbourne is now online and available on people’s desktops, tablet or mobile at”


About Supanews Limited

The Supanews brand started in 1992 and is arguably Australia‘s leading newsagency chain. Supanews Retail Pty Ltd has stores in major shopping complexes and transit locations on the east coast of Australia. Supanews Limited operates and the Supanews eBay store.

About Grey Elk

Grey Elk is a digital strategy agency based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Founded in 2013, they help businesses deal with digital change with a particular focus on retail and eCommerce. 

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