Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

By Brian Johnson, author of The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom

Don’t pander to this list if it’s not what your story is about. But if it happens to work as one of the following, you could be on a publicity winner. 

Here are a few of the media’s favourite things:

  • Surveys: You need at least 500 respondents and preferably more than 1000. (But remember a survey is only as good as its questions/findings)
  • Lists: The Top Ten Whatevers, according to your organisation. (It’s important that your organisation has expertise involving the Whatevers.)  Your list might also be a great debate starter. For instance: naming the greatest football team ever – drawing on players from different eras, while also highlighting the champions who missed out. 
  • Injustice: Being righted
  • Trends: Measured or revealed
  • Problems: Identified 
  • Conflict
  • Controversy
  • Changes: To our lifestyles
  • Technology: Breakthroughs 

Don’t distort your story just to fit the bill. But if one of the above examples applies, it could be your best starting point for an imaginative pitch. 

This advice is drawn from The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom by Brian Johnson, an award-winning journalist and leading PR practitioner.

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With feedback from seasoned media operators, classic case studies, real world samples, examples, Golden Rules and Top Tips, The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom is the essential guide to decoding the media – and using it effectively.

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