Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Deception in Disability Services in Australia

Tony Tregale, Coordinator of Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation (LISA) Inc., a family support a lobby group who owe no onus to bureaucrats, and call it like it is, says the JacksonRyan report entitled,  Deception The Illusion of Care, Protection and Rights in Victoria’s Disability Accommodation Sector  is an awesome 52 page document which so very clearly shows the extent and foundation of a bureaucratic philosophy which has been a major restrictive factor for years.

As did the Victorian parliamentary inquiry in 2008, yet nothing was done!

All who have read the JacksonRyan report say it’s all so correct - exactly what we have been saying, seeing and suffering for so many years.

We will continue to suffer that described so well in the report, if we remain

fragmented and frightened of those who continue to drive the so very wide ranging adverse factors described in the JacksonRyan report on services in Victoria, but which we consider apply to most of Australia

What is now required is a hard-hitting judicial inquiry into the disability system.


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