Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

The AME Conference 2014, with the theme “Applied Lean for Business – Understand, Flow and Grow”, will be held in two locations this year, Perth and Melbourne. Read more about the conference here.

Perth:  24 February 2014, Frasers Function Centre

Melbourne: 25-28 February 2014, Kangan Institute Automotive Centre of Excellence, Docklands, Melbourne

The 2014 Conference includes an impressive line-up of both Australian and international speakers who are all leaders in their profession.

Keynote speaker Ian Glenday’s book "Lean RFS (Repetitive Flexible Supply) – Putting the Pieces Together” won the 2013 Shingo Publication Award.  His approach to applying Lean in many types of industries is refreshingly different, instructive and entertaining.

Professor Peter Hines is a multiple Shingo Research Award recipient for his recent co-authored books “Staying Lean” and “Creating a Lean & Green Business System”, which he will be presenting on at the conference.  Professor Peter Hines is an expert in the development of strategy and operational improvement using a Lean approach both inside a company and a wider supply chain. His recent work has focused on how to sustain this change.

The conference will also welcome Mark Baker, Director of Global Partnerships at Executive Education Programs: Shingo Institute. Mark will provide delegates with an interesting keynote on the Shingo Prize, Global Operational Excellence Model.

The conference delegates represent industries such as Education, Banking, Healthcare, IT, HR, Finance, Food and Beverage, Construction, Oil and Gas, Mining and Manufacturing.

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BOOKING CONTACT:   Laura Robertson, [email protected] 1300 263 287

About AME Australia:

The AME (Australia) is an affiliate of the AME (North America). We are a  not for profit association, principally comprised of continuous improvement practitioners who are eager not only to improve our own knowledge  of the application of Lean operations, but also to share our experiences with other members, both through informal networking and more formal local and international events and conferences.

Membership of the AME (Australia) is for individuals who are seeking to improve themselves and their colleagues through shared experiences and learning. The principles of continuous improvement are not limited to the manufacturing industry, and individuals from any profession may join the AME.