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Kozco Energy Group Offers Solar Battery Storage Systems

New service enables Adelaide homeowners, businesses to save on energy costs


CROYDON PARK, SA – APRIL 5, 2017 Kozco Energy Group, Adelaide’s complete energy efficiency solution, now offers solar battery storage systems.

The South Australian owned and operated company provides customers with air conditioning, solar and electrical services. Its new solar battery service allows homes and businesses to store solar energy for when sunlight isn’t present, making it a more viable and reliable source of energy.

About 15 percent of Australian homes now use solar energy as a sustainable source of power. Experts expect the number to only grow as high electricity costs and climate change push more homeowners and businesses to consider switching to renewable energy. Australia’s plentiful sunshine makes many parts of the country prime for solar energy harvesting and storage.

Solar batteries store energy in the form of DC power. Unlike regular lead-acid batteries, solar batteries discharge energy at low voltages over long periods of time. They can be safely charged and recharged over numerous cycles. Solar battery storage also serves a backup in the event of a power failure.

Advances in technology have made solar batteries a viable long-term investment that can save households thousands of dollars over the years. The payback period for installing solar PV and battery systems typically falls between four and nine years. Solar battery storage is becoming more cost-effective and in some cases may eliminate a customer’s electricity bills.

Solar battery storage gives property owners who previously considered clean energy unreliable because of its dependence on sunshine or wind a reason to reconsider.

A free quote and more information is available by contacting Kozco Energy Group. Consultants will come to the premises and assess what type of solar batteries are needed to save the most money in the long run.

The company offers a complete energy efficiency solution that includes solar panels, solar batteries, efficient air conditioning, LED lighting and more. It focuses on providing residential and commercial customers with a wide range of products that will maximize their investment in clean energy.

For more information on Kozco Energy Group’s solar battery storage systems, visit its website at http://kozco.com.au or call 1300 056 926.

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Kozco energy group provide energy efficient solutions to Adelaide homes and businesses including Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning, LED Light Installation, Solar Panel Installation and Energy Audits. They are committed to providing the very best technology so that homes and businesses can benefit from efficient energy consumption. They help businesses obtain the savings provided by the South Australian Government REES Scheme - an initive which offers rebates on energy efficient LED Lighting upgrades.

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