Friday, March 19th, 2010

Phil LeNir, founder and director of CoachingOurselves, Montreal, Canada and Monica Redden Consultancy, Australian partner will launch CoachingOurselves, a management development tool, in Adelaide, Australia on 26 March.

Professor Henry Mintzberg, is a founding director of CoachingOurselves and  one of the very big names in management theory and practice – author of seminal works on strategy and structures with his latest book "Managing" representing the culmination of years of work.  He recently reflected on the global financial crisis and its relevance to the state of management and leadership in businesses. (Business Week, March 8 “Management Education on the Fly”)

Who got us into this mess? It's not just greedy mortgage lenders and irresponsible economists who are responsible for the current financial crisis. Leaders, so called, have played a role too, by not managing their companies and so being detached from what was going on in them. And behind much of this has been an educational process that encouraged such detachment.

Mintzberg goes on to discuss how to address the problem, highlighting how companies and organisations can strengthen management and leadership but not through the traditional education system, in particular he emphasised:

the importance of connecting classroom learning to the workplace and bringing the learning itself to the workplace.  In both cases, the managers use what they learn to implement change. But they depart radically from conventional management education by strengthening the connection between managers and their organizations. And that may be one good way to help avert another managerial mess.

CoachingOurselves approach is designed to achieve both and is a unique approach to management development.  It involves small groups of managers meeting fortnightly for 90 minutes sessions to discuss management topics that are prepared by international experts in management and leadership.

Mintzberg and LeNir, along with several other prominent management thinkers including David Ulrich (named the most influential person in HR by HR Magazine for three years), Marshall Goldsmith (world authority in helping successful leaders become even better, The Times (London) ranked him in the 50 greatest living business thinkers) and Brenda Zimmerman (founder and Director of the Health Industry Management Program ) have prepared topics that are designed to get managers to learn and reflect on their own experiences as managers and to convert such learning into action.

Cathay Pacific Airways SSL, Fujitsu , ING Finance and World Wildlife Fund are just a few of the major corporations and organsiations that are implementing the CoachingOurselves approach.

Monica Redden, Director, Monica Redden Consultancy is very pleased to be one of twelve international partners. She has worked closely with LeNir and Mintzberg to develop a model that fits the Australian business culture. She commented that “many companies and organisations are reflecting on the impact of the global financial crisis. CoachingOurselves is an economical and effective development tool that will provoke managers and staff to think about what they do and why; involvement in CoachingOurselves generates confidence amongst managers resulting in change and improvement.”

The launch, which includes a free seminar, will provide an opportunity for managers to try out a topic of CoachingOurselves with peers. Friday 26th March, 8.30-10.00, 60 Hindmarsh Square, AHA Building, Adelaide.

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CoachingOurselves was established in 2006 in Montreal, Canada by Phil LeNir and Henry Mintzberg. The management development tool is designed on the principle of combining learning new material and reflecting on personal experience . There are twelve international partners, including Monica Redden Consultancy, Australia.
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Monica Reddden Consultancy

Monica Redden Consultancy (MRC) specialises in facilitation, organisational development, strategic planning and consultation. MRC works with government and community organisations, and the private sector across Australia and internationally.
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