Friday, March 19th, 2010
In a final bid to connect with media and public interest, Henrietta Child, Independent Candidate for the Cheltenham electorate today admitted that she once had sex in car while parked outside a golf course.

"It wasn't North Adelaide Golf Course, and discretion prevents me from revealing more details, but apparently it's still very important," she said.

"I am clearly well qualified to speak about issues of political importance and the future of South Australia.

"I'm calling on everyone who lives in the Cheltenham electorate who has ever had sex in a car - or even contemplated having sex in a car - to vote for me on March 20th.

"And if it helps, I will also make a solemn promise, that I will try my best not to do it again, especially in any car which might have problems with its accelerator."

In making this public appeal to voters, Ms Child claims that she has never been more serious.

"If all the people who have had sex in a car vote for me, I will have no trouble getting elected,' she said, "and then I can get on with the really important work I want to do.

"I'm actually fighting this campaign to provide a voice for the community in Cheltenham, and to make sure we are never taken for granted by the political process again."

"Everywhere I go people support my stance on local issues and embrace the idea of an independent voice for Cheltenham," she said.

"I think many people realise the importance of getting a better deal for Cheltenham.”

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Henrietta Child

Henrietta Child is a long time resident of Woodville North. She is a business owner and employer and the mother of three teenage children. In her professional life, Henrietta has built her own business, KneeDeep a company that specialises in building project management and leadership capability in organisations. She has a profound conviction about working with people to develop their skills, and achieve their best. She is an experienced and entertaining trainer and has worked for many years in the Information Technology Industry and in Management and Leadership Development. Much of her work in the last 10 years has been with fast growth technology and creative companies who need help to organise for growth. Henrietta describes herself as a political moderate, but on the whole she is more interested in how the political process affects communities than in any particular ideology. She strongly believes we should all challenge ourselves to step up when needed if there is a chance we can make a difference. It is this belief that has motivated her to run for Independent for the State seat of Cheltenham, an electorate which she describes as neglected and ignored.
Henrietta Child
P: 0404 840 449


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