Monday, February 17th, 2014

Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the introduction of several outstanding new products for distribution in Australia and New Zealand in 2014 in our growth sectors of medical imaging systems and medical devices.

These are the new Ultracloud Series of premium performance ultrasound machines from SIUI and the world first GlucoTrack non-invasive Glucose monitor.

The Ultracloud series:

SIUI - Shantou Institute of Ultrasound Instruments is one of the largest ultrasound machine manufacturing bases in China with a 31 year heritage year heritage since developing their first ultrasound and their new Ultracloud-based product series. With the launch of the series, SIUI has taken a giant leap to lead the industry to a brand new CLOUD era.

SIUI launched the world’s first Ultracloud-based product series at the 70th CMEF conference in Xiamen, in November and at the Medica and RSNA conferences


Ultracloud, the brand new platform, is a perfect combination of SIUI’s original powerful processing technology and cloud service.


“Ultra” refers to the core technology of SIUI, the innovation derived from the interdisciplinary efforts of modern physics, biology, acoustics, electronics, computer technology and network technology. It breaks the limitation of traditional technology platforms by achieving unlimited expansion of technical processing resources, improves the processing speed of the systems and optimizes resources allocation so as to enhance the ability to adapt to future needs, enabling customers to meet different complicated needs by simple operations.


“Cloud”, as the carrier, enables customers to benefit from remote service of their SIUI products anytime and anywhere and brings huge convenience and added value.


Five Ultracloud-based models were released, including the Apogee 1000 laptop CLOUD color Doppler system, Apogee 2000 tablet-based CLOUD color Doppler with full touch screen, Apogee 5500 high-end CLOUD color Doppler system and the Apogee 5800 Cloud color Doppler system.


With built-in lithium battery, Apogee 1000 outshines other products with its weight and portability and perfectly meets the need of mobile diagnosis.


With user-friendly interface and workflow, the tablet-based CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 2000 is designed for demanding clinical environments. A Wireless controller further helps to ease it’s operation and provides a smooth diagnostic experience.


With a pleasing curvy and slender profile and clear and optimized imaging the high-end CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 5500 largely enhances doctor’s diagnostic confidence.


Featured with ergonomic design and intuitive setup, the top model of the series CLOUD color Doppler Apogee 5800 further upgrades diagnostic efficiency.


SIUI’s Integrated breast imaging system is another global first, combining CLOUD color Doppler with mammography. It is another masterpiece from SIUI to integrate these two systems to an all-in-one diagnosis centre. The launch of the system later this year will bring huge convenience to people who suffer from breast disease, and offer brand new solutions of fast breast screening and precise imaging.


The GlucoTrack:


Ultramedix has signed a distribution agreement for Australia and New Zealand for the GlucoTrack with Ashkelon, Israel based company Integrity Applications and we are set to begin sales in April.


The goal of developing an accurate and effective non-invasive Glucose monitor has long been the “holy grail” that companies have been striving to perfect for many years and has most often been characterized by many false starts and failures. 


After more than 12 years of intense research and development Integrity Applications determined that the technical challenges of increasing the signal to noise ratio, to obtain a reliable reading without drawing blood, could best be achieved by combining three independent technologies simultaneously by the use of ultrasound, electromagnetic and thermal measurements with a unique algorithm to weigh each measurement and calculate the weighted average of the three readings. 


This innovative approach was recognized by Frost & Sullivan, who awarded Integrity Applications a Product Innovation Leadership award.


The GlucoTrack DF-F model is the world’s first effectively accurate non-invasive glucose monitor for use by both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics and will more readily enable people who suffer from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to live fuller, longer, and healthier lives by carefully regulating their blood glucose levels. 


The usual blood glucose level monitors on the market today for home use are a 30 year old technology. At last a reliable and accurate alternative technology is available and the GlucoTrack provides what people with diabetes have longed for.


The GlucoTrack model DF-F that we will be supplying offers pain free monitoring of blood glucose levels and is non-invasive, non-intrusive, affordable, and allows testing without pain.


GlucoTrack is battery-operated and includes a Main Unit (MU), which contains display and control features, as well as transmitter, receiver and processor, and a Personal Ear Clip (PEC), which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors and calibration electronics. The device is small, light and easy to use and handle.  The Main Unit can be shared by up to three users (in model DF-F)  The device includes a USB port for data downloading (enables off-line analysis), as well as battery recharging.

GlucoTrack model DF-F main features:

  • Uses three different technologies simultaneously to increase accuracy;
  • Reliable results;
  • Complete set of data for each reading (user’s name/date/time/glucose level);
  • Long term of calibration validity;
  • Provides spot measurements;
  • Visual and verbal glucose readings;
  • Main Unit supports up to three users;
  • Comparable to a smart phone in size and weight;
  • Up to 1000 recent readings per user;
  • Readings history data in tabular and graphic formats;
  • USB communication for easy data downloading for back-up storage and analysis;
  • User Friendly: easy to operate, easy to read data, large color touch screen;
  • Repeatable audible result;
  • Reduced life cycle cost (less expensive than invasive finger prick devices in the long term).


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