Thursday, March 18th, 2010
New Australian invention offers a revolutionary PIN system, called FlexiPIN that makes ATMs Skim Proof and Online Banking secure.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a static security code, while FlexiPIN changes. In fact FlexiPIN changes automatically and neither an additional device nor a list of PINs are involved. Skimming, computer viruses and "phishing" emails are no longer threats.

Complex software programming resulted in having a user friendly application that will not only able to create a completely new style of PIN, but allows users to design their own FlexiPIN on a computer screen whether be online or in a bank.

Inventor Mr Gabby Molnar said “Old fashioned fixed PINs are history, new evolving FlexiPIN is here. It isn't a number generating device, but a totally new way of thinking. Instead of having a PIN with 4 to 6 digits to memorise, with FlexiPIN, you only need to remember two numbers and a simple formula which gives you the additional numbers.

As with old fashion PINs, both the computer and you have to memorise the same 4-6 digits and when you key in your PIN, the computer authenticates by matching the two. Interestingly with FlexiPIN, the computer doesn’t store your access code, but knows the arrangement you made and will work out your FlexiPIN when you press enter. Similarly, you will have to work out in your head your FlexiPIN before you press enter. Can you add two small numbers together? If yes, FlexiPIN and you have a future, a much safer future with regards to accessing funds and information.

Setting up FlexiPIN is easy. First you select your two favourite numbers. Secondly, choose from a selection of formulas and give your usage preference. That’s it, but like with all new things, this will take a few logons to get used to”.

You could even do this: “Go to the ATM for me, here is my card and PIN”. Your account would be safe, as the same PIN will not work in the future. Same goes for computer viruses, the keystrokes they record and transmit will not be any value in the future.

It quickly becomes clear that rigid security codes are history. FlexiPIN can not only protect ATM and EFTPOST, but makes Online Banking safe. In addition, FlexiPIN can be used at any website logons or accessing buildings, as it offers unparalleled security improvement wherever there is a keypad or a keyboard used. More info at:

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A new Australian invention offers a revolutionary PIN system, called FlexiPIN™ that makes ATMs Skim Proof and Online Banking secure. FlexiPIN™ is brand new, but it has the potential to be an iconic invention.

Mr Gabby Molnar
P: 02 8012 9523
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