Friday, February 14th, 2014

CleantechFundr, Australia’s only clean technology crowd funding platform, has set a new fundraising record for a cleantech industry campaign, raising $25,000 in under 6 days for the Australian Solar Council.


The Australian Solar Council launched the campaign to Save Solar, amid growing concerns the Federal Government is considering axing the successful Renewable Energy Target.


By popular demand they today launched a new campaign to raise a further $25,000 which will allow them to tap professional services in media and social media to cut through the misinformation about solar. Their campaign will focus on how solar can more than halve your power bill.


“The Renewable Energy Target has helped 5 million Australians put solar on their homes but the Government is considering axing the one program that helps families invest in solar”, said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council.


“We know another 3.5 million Australians are planning to put solar on their homes over the next five years, but those families will have a big rethink if the Renewable Energy Target is scrapped or weakened.”


“The best thing you can do to reduce your power bill is to go solar so you would think the Government would be encouraging investment in renewable energy.”


“The Save Solar campaign will prevent Australians being locked out of solar by funding a strong community campaign to save the Renewable Energy Target. I urge all Australians who care about solar to donate to the Save Solar campaign to ensure more Australians get the benefits of clean and free electricity.”


For less than $10 a year (on an average bill), the Renewable Energy Target has:


  • Helped 5 million Australians reduce their power bills by installing solar;
  • Delivered 3 gigawatts of capacity (equivalent to 6 coal-fired power stations);
  • Encouraged $9 billion of private investment into producing clean electricity;
  • Supported 4,500 small businesses across Australia; and
  • Employed up to 18,500 Australians.



Donations can be made to the Save Solar campaign at


The Solar Council wants to use the money to educate the public on costs and savings of solar, smashing such ideas that solar contributes largely to electricity costs of non-solar users saying that the real driver increasing power bills is the massive investments that have been made in power poles and wires.


CleantechFundr is free and is attracting funding from Australia and overseas. Cleantech projects are now invited to list on the platform. 


Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, the company’s founder, says CleantechFundr has the potential “to attract funds from around the region and the world, directly to Australia’s clean technology industry”.


Fitzpatrick-Napier, a long-time public relations and media specialist in the clean tech space in Asia, USA and Australia has seen first hand the challenges faced by clean technology companies in Australia.


“We hope that CleantechFundr can help fill the funding gap between disruptive and game changing ideas and prototypes, and then support commercialisation efforts.”


CleantechFundr follows other successful crowd-funding organisations such as Australia’s Pozible, and US-based Kickstarter and Indigogo.


Fitzpatrick-Napier said CleantechFundr offers a niche platform as compared with the other crowd-funding sites, which tend to support a diverse range of projects.


“We want CleantechFundr to be the place the general public, friends and family, investors, and industry leaders click on to see the latest in cleantech innovation that they can support.”


CleantechFundr uses sophisticated sharing and social media tools as well as an embed option allowing the Campaign to be replicated and featured in newsletters, websites and more.


CleantechFundr is a Digital Mantra Group company.


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For Australian Solar Council media comment, contact John Grimes on 0400 102 396


You can find more information on the Australian Solar Council at


Media Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @cleantechfundr

Facebook: CleantechFundr

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