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Buying a gift for your special someone can often be a challenge particularly when you are trying to buy something more than the standard box of chocolates. It can be time consuming, expensive and stressful, and you could still miss the mark. Here are some quick tips from David Benn Fine Jewellery to help you get the perfect gift;

  1. A ring symbolises unity and commitment, and is typically seen as a token of engagement and marriage. If you’re already married, giving the gift of a ring further expresses the strength of that love and pledge you’ve made to your special someone. Take care though if you’re buying a ring as a gift for your girlfriend as it is a very loaded piece of jewellery to give.
  2. A ring might not fit her finger but earrings will always fit perfectly. It is always a good idea to give a gift that your loved one is able to wear immediately.
  3. A pair of diamond studs in a simple four claw white gold setting will have instant appeal and your special someone will enjoy wearing them for many years. Just bear in mind that diamonds are another piece of very loaded jewellery to give to your girlfriend – unless you’re intentionally sending her a message!
  4. Pearl stud earrings are a perfect gift for your girlfriend without sending the wrong message. Pearl studs are considered elegant and graceful, and they usually come in a decent size without costing the earth. Despite what the ladies may say, size does matter when it comes to jewellery. From experience, a woman will choose a larger piece of jewellery over a smaller piece on most occasions.
  5. Finding it difficult to choose a coloured stone? In general, blue and green stones look best against fairer complexions and lighter coloured hair, yellow stones will look striking against darker complexions, and red or pink stones are the perfect foil for fair skin tones.
  6. If you know your loved one’s favourite colour, then buy her a piece of jewellery with stones of this colour. You’re guaranteed to achieve instant appeal with this!
  7. Buy your special someone jewellery of a type she already wears. That is, if you notice she wears a lot of drop earrings then buy her a pair of drop earrings, or if she never wears a bracelet then it’s best not to give her one; she may never really enjoy wearing it.
  8. Simplicity is best. The simpler the design the more chance there is that your loved one will wear the jewellery you give her. A simple design has a greater chance of working with her existing wardrobe, and your loved one will be able to show off the jewellery at work too.
  9. Quality does come at a price. If a piece of jewellery has a very simple and beautiful design and has stones that sparkle, then there is a good chance it will be a quality piece at a more expensive price. Sorry, but this tends to be the case. Over-designed jewellery with small dull stones comes cheaply.
  10. It’s true that the joy comes in the giving, and whilst you’ll enjoy seeing your loved one wear the jewellery you have chosen for her, chances are if she’s had a hand in choosing the design and stones for her new jewellery, she’ll love it even more, and that experience of seeing her really loving her new jewellery will be priceless for you.

If your still in doubt then talk to the professionals, a good fine jeweller can take you through the gift selection process or better yet you can get the experience for her to design it herself.

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