Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Brian Johnson, author of The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom, says there’s a horrible, nasty word that’s used to broadly describe people working in publicity (specifically) and PR (generally). That word is Spin. And that is the opposite of what good PR is all about.

Think through what Spin suggests. It infers that the message has been spun, or distorted. That someone is getting done over. That some sucker swallowed the bait and delivered free coverage for something that didn’t really deserve it.

Practical, effective PR is about Anti-Spin. It’s about identifying a genuine angle of interest “over here” (your organisation, event, etc) and taking it to someone who will be interested in it “over there” (in the media).

Given the shrinking of the various media in recent years, like many other downsized, leaner organisations, you can’t afford to be duping anyone. That will bite you fast.

Like any successful, sustainable business, effective PR is built on long-term, honest, working relationships – between the people who have the story and those in the media looking for good stories.

In fact, it may be worth redefining yourself.

Rather than “doing PR”, start viewing yourself as a private news agency. Someone identifying and framing a genuine story, and taking it to the right audience via the appropriate media types.

This advice is drawn from The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom, by Brian Johnson, an award-winning journalist and leading PR practitioner.


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The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom

The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom is set to become the essential touchstone for media professionals, students and PR novices alike. Its insight into print, electronic and social media reveals the keys to success in the ultra-competitive world of publicity.

With feedback from seasoned media operators, classic case studies, real world samples, examples, Golden Rules and Top Tips, The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom is the essential guide to decoding the media – and using it effectively.

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