Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

With the latest season of My Kitchen Rules blitzing the TV ratings, and celebrity chefs treated with the kind of adulation once reserved for rock stars, Australia’s obsession with all things ‘foodie’ shows no sign of abating. Among those benefiting from our gastronomic gusto are magazine publishers, with 16% of the population (or more than 3 million people) reading Food & Entertainment magazines in an average 12-month period.

Spanning titles as diverse as DeliciousFeastFresh and Selector, Food & Entertainment is the fourth most-read category of magazine in Australia (after Mass Women’s, General Interest and Home & Garden) — and attracts some high-value, big-spending readers.

Hey Big Spender

Culinary tendencies are just the beginning. Many readers of Food & Entertainment magazines also have an appetite for consumption. Over two in five (43%) are ‘Big Spenders’ with high levels of discretionary expenditure, and are more likely than the average Australian to purchase homewares (48% likelier), Manchester (41%), womenswear (40%), large electrical goods (32%) and furniture (22%) in any given four-week period.

Proportion of Food & Entertainment magazine readers who are ‘Big Spenders’


Source: Roy Morgan Research Single Source, October 2012 - September 2013; Big Spenders (n = 5,751)

Of course, certain food titles attract higher percentages of Big Spenders than others. No less than 69% of Selector magazine’s readers have high discretionary expenditure, followed by 61% of Delicious readers and 55% of Australian Gourmet Travellerreaders.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Obviously, readers of foodie magazines love to cook, but our data reveals that they like to spend money on non-food-related products too. Whether they’re buying homewares or clothing, or paying for home renovations, these people are significantly more likely than the average Australian to have a high discretionary expenditure.


“Interestingly, they’re also 32% more likely to be intending to buy a new car in the next 12 months.


“Such in-depth knowledge about the type of people reading Food & Entertainment magazines can help marketers maximise the reach and impact of their advertising. Detailed segmentation analysis can even highlight how readers of specific titles differ in terms of demographics, behaviours and attitudes, allowing advertisers to further tailor their communications.


“Certainly, our findings indicate that ads for non-food-related products may be received with just as much interest by readers of these publications as those for food and entertainment products.”

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