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Of the 11.5 million people (aged 14+) living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, 3.75 million (32.4%) of them are renters—and almost 300,000 of these renters (7.9%) intend to buy a new or established house in the next year.

Roy Morgan Research interviewed almost 20,000 mainland state capital renters in the two years to September 2013 and discovered that while 42% of renters read community newspapers in an average week, this jumps to 48% among those who intend to buy a house in the next 12 months.

The highest proportional rise is among Sydney renters, who are 19% more likely to read a community newspaper once they intend to buy a house. Melbourne’s renters are 15% more likely; Perth’s and Adelaide’s are 14% more likely. Only in Brisbane is there no increase in the readership of local newspapers among potential home-buyers.

Over half of house-hunting renters in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide read community newspapers.

Readership of community newspapers: House-hunting renters vs renter average:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2011 – September 2013, n=19,560 renters 14+ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Perth’s renters are the most likely to be planning to buy a house this year (10.7%), followed by Melbourne (9.4%), Adelaide (9.1%), Brisbane (7.0%) and Sydney (5.9%).

Even though Sydney contains the highest number of renters overall (1.26 million), Melbourne has the most house-hunting renters: over 100,000 compared with Sydney’s 74,000.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Community Newspapers continue to play an important part in the new media landscape. These results suggest that potential home-buyers still value local newspapers as a core source for real estate news and listings.  

“48% of renters planning to buy a house read at least one local newspaper during the week, compared with just 35.3% who looked up real estate information online in an average four weeks.”

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