Saturday, February 1st, 2014

POPULAR raw food manufacturer Rawsome has released two new product lines for 2014, adding to its range of deliciously decadent sweet treats.

Made without any cooking or baking from raw, quality ingredients such as nuts, fruits and a variety of superfoods, all products are gluten, dairy, grain, egg and soy-free.

Rawsome founder and business owner Laila Gampfer said her team had put a good mix of love and effort into creating the new products.

“We have a super-enthusiastic and talented team in the Rawsome kitchen and everyone has been extremely passionate about crafting these new products,” she said.

The rawbles range – raw balls – features five different types, all named after women:

  • Rosie: inspired by traditional Turkish delight, it features pistachio nuts and rose flavours.
  • Florence:  with a Greek-Mediterranean feel, the rawble has a fresh flavour with a hint of fig and fennel.
  • Jemima: described by the Rawsome team as “just divine”, it is an ideal combination of zesty orange and chocolate.
  • Wanda: has the decadent taste of raw white chocolate and raspberry rolled in a coating of coconut and raspberry dust.
  • Lola: lemon and macadamia come together to give tastes reminiscent of limoncello, Bounty chocolate and lemon pie.

Inspired by Baci chocolate, rawkus bites have three layers of smooth hazelnut with a dash of whole hazelnuts.

“We’re big fans of chocolate hazelnut in the Rawsome kitchen and the rawkus bites have a great creamy hazelnut praline taste,” Gampfer said.

“The time was right to add to our existing range, which includes our best-selling carawmel slice (note to subs: spelling correct), kapow bar, moon rocks, choc mint slice and mini donuts.”

Gampfer established Rawsome – literally “raw, so me” – after being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2010.

Creating raw versions of conventional products was her driving force and the business has gone from strength to strength in the past 18 months.

Operating from Anna Gare’s commercial kitchen in North Fremantle, Rawsome now supplies products to more than 100 independent cafes and retail outlets across Perth, including several IGA store, and has also recently expanded to Melbourne.

In May last year, the business scored a major coup by becoming the first-ever outside supplier of cakes and treats to Miss Maud’s 15 pastry houses – the famed Swedish institution had always previously provided its own.

“Rawsome only uses top-end ingredients and with so many people tired of highly processed foods they’re really embracing the raw food alternative, especially when we work hard to make the products taste great,” Gampfer said.

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rawbles1-2: Rawsome has released a new range of sweet treats for 2014: five types of raw balls, known as rawbles.

rawkus bites1-2: Rawkus bites were inspired by Baci chocolate.

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Rawsome evolved from passionate experimentation with raw, quality ingredients and a strong interest in the Paleo diet.

Created by Laila Gampfer in 2011, Rawsome seeks to provide a wholesome range of treats to satisfy sweet cravings while nourishing the body, mind and soul.

Rawsome treats can now be found in cafés and retail outlets throughout WA.

Rawsome promises their products are RAW, VEGAN*, PALEO, GLUTEN-FREE, GRAIN-FREE, EGG-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, SOY-FREE and are made with passion, love and a commitment to great health.

Laila and her staff continue to deliver on this promise today.

Laila Gampfer
P: 0412 593 042


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