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Whether they’re to be peeled into strings, shucked from a red wax shell, or unwrapped from a tinfoil segment featuring an overtly jovial, earring-wearing French cow, cheese snacks are becoming an increasingly common addition to the trolleys of Australian parents, the latest research from Roy Morgan shows.

In the year to September 2013, 17% of Australian parents with kids under 16 living at home bought Cheese Snacks in an average four weeks, compared with just 5% of people without kids in the household.

The popularity of cheese snacks has risen among parents of kids of all ages. Those with babies and toddlers at home (aged 0-5) are still most likely to buy cheese snacks (20%, up 1% since 2009), followed by those with 6-11 year-olds (18%, up 3% points). However the strongest proportional growth has been among parents of tween and teens (aged 12-16), with 14% now buying cheese snacks, up 4% points. 

Parents buying Cheese Snacks in an average four weeks 


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2008 – September 2013, average annual n=19,469

Overall, the percentage of parents purchasing cheese snacks has grown 2% since 2009, with the supermarkets’ home brands and French import Laughing Cow experiencing the strongest proportional growth over the period, while Babybel, Bega Stringers, and Kraft Cheese Sticks remain popular.

Angela Smith, Group Account Manager - Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Cheese Snacks are a quick and easy way for parents to boost up their children’s calcium intake—and perhaps keep them quiet until dinnertime.

“Although they come in many different forms, it’s evident that cheese snacks are an increasingly common item for parents to keep in the fridge or cupboard.

“Kraft Cheese Sticks are a winner among parents of children aged 0-5, while Bega Stringers lead among those with 6-11 year-olds, and Laughing Cow is the most common choice for those with children 12 to 16.” 

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