Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Richard Branson is known throughout the world for philanthropy, for asking us to look deeper, to give back, help others and do more than just taking one step after the other – to see a goal and strive towards it.

One of the ways he sets out to achieve that is through the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and their work in South Africa.  Not only do they assist South African budding entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, they take known entrepreneurs to assist in the programme and develop their own skills.

Just back from South Africa is Melbourne entrepreneur Federico Re who participated in the  ‘Ultimate Growth Adventure' in  collaboration with Creel Price of Sydney and in connection with the 'Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship'. Federico used his mentoring and extensive coaching experience to train budding entrepreneurs using Creel's proven 'Decisionship' methodology.

For nearly two decades, Federico has built his reputation as a business development specialist, entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and author.

Federico's own entrepreneurial journey began in 1997. His first business venture achieved annual growth sales of $10.0 million per year, which he built from scratch.

In 2007, Federico established his niche coaching practice in Melbourne - Creative Entrepreneur, inspiring thousands of people throughout Australia with his motivational seminars, workshops, and master class programs.

His time in South Africa in December took all this experience to a new level.  “Amazing” is the way Federico described his recent experience from his Macedon Ranges home.  “Working with other entrepreneurs on the Ultimate Growth Adventure was a life changing experience”.  During the 5 day boot camp business program participants were exposed to physical and emotionally challenging experiences.  “It’s all designed to create the link between decision making, entrepreneurship and physical challenge – then take that all through to your own personal development, the development of your business and the business people I coach. Creel and Richard Branson use adventure to create learning all over the world” he said.

In late March Federico will join with Wendy Grenfell, another Ultimate Growth Adventure graduate, to hold an intense 2 day Masterclass entitled ‘Train your Entrepreneurial Eye’.

“In business it’s easy to just put one foot in front of the other and just keep plodding along.  When you do this your head goes down and you don’t see new opportunities and options for your business.  Wendy and I will train you to keep your head up, keep focused and to not miss opportunities along the way to make you even more successful. You’ll develop the ability to make fast, effective and informed decisions and start thinking and behaving like a successful entrepreneur in no time.” Federico concluded.


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