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There’s no denying it: digital media has hit print publishing hard. But while most newspapers are struggling to remain relevant and viable in this challenging media landscape, many magazines have adapted — even thrived. With the imminent launch of their new fortnightly magazine aimed at women aged between 50 and 65, Bauer Media are clearly counting on being one of the success stories. And according to recent findings from Roy Morgan, they’re onto a winner: magazine readership has remained steady among women this age, compared to the younger groups, where it has been on the decline.

In the six months to September 2013, 1,754,000 women aged 50-64 read the last issue of at least one magazine. In the six months to September 2009, this figure sat at 1,715,000. Magazine readership among women 65 and over has also grown, from 1,390,000 in 2009 to 1,525,000 in 2013. No surprises, then, that the 50+ market comprises the heaviest magazine readers of all age groups.

Women aged 50-64: magazine readership


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2008 – September 2013 (average 6-monthly sample = 25,881)Base:Australian population 14+

Although so many women’s titles on the market today tend to be aimed at young women, magazine readership actually declined among the 14-24 and 35-49 age brackets.

Not only are older women heavier magazine readers, they also spend more time per week reading them. Those aged 50-64 spend an average of 96 minutes reading magazines per week: ample time to take note of advertisements that resonate with them.

Average time usually spent reading magazines (minutes per whole week)


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2012 – September 2013 (n = 49,846)Base: Australian population 14+

George Pesutto, General Manager – Media & Communications, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Let’s face it: anything and everything can be found online, and there are websites and apps for all tastes and tendencies. But when it comes to niche audiences, magazines give digital a run for its money. By targeting women between 50 and 65, Bauer are connecting with a group that isn’t well catered for, but which represents a potentially lucrative market for savvy advertisers. These women generally have a higher net worth than younger women, and are more likely to feel financially stable, yet often feel excluded by youth-focused advertising and media.


“These women are heavy magazine readers, and more likely than the average Australian to enjoy clothes shopping, with 62% agreeing that ‘I try to look stylish’. They’re also likelier to shop at Myer and/or David Jones in any given four weeks. Health- and diet-conscious, almost half of them are concerned about their cholesterol, and more than 70% restrict how much they eat of fattening foods.


“Not only are more women aged 50+ reading magazines than they were back in 2009, but they spend considerable time reading them, so marketers with an understanding of their interests and concerns stand a good chance of connecting with them.”

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