Friday, April 14th, 2017


• RNL executes significant contract to roll out its rostering platform to Virgin Care Limited staff in the UK.

• The contract is for a period of 5 years and represents the company’s first major sustained revenues.

• VCL has the ability to have exclusive rights to the use of the RNL rostering platform in the UK.

• The execution of the contract reflects a successful trial with VCL and empowers the company to progress other immediate opportunities within the health care and other sectors.

Rision Limited (ASX:RNL) is pleased to announce that the successful completion of a trial has led to the execution of a software licence and services agreement (SLSA) with Virgin Care Limited

(VCL) to roll out Rision's electronic rostering solution (Rostering Platform) to VCL’s staff situated throughout its operations in the United Kingdom.

The SLSA if for a period of 5 years whereby Rision has granted to VCL a licence to utilise and sub-licence the Rostering Platform for a charge of £0.50 per person per week utilising the Rostering Platform. The licence is exclusive to VCL to the extent that Rision shall not grant another licence to use the Rostering Platform to any other UK health organsiation, provided that after the first 12 months VCL has incurred charges to Rision of at least £25,000 and in every subsequent year at least £50,000.

The Rostering Platform is designed to perform the following services to VCL:

1. Manage and roster VCL teams and staff;

2. Allow VCL to easily communicate with its teams for upcoming shifts;

3. Enable filling of last minute shift vacancies;

4. Make last minute shifts, new shift offerings and swapping shifts easier; and

5. Enable reporting on staff rostering.

Paul Steele, interim CEO of Rision, commented: “VCL is not just the newest customer of the Rision solution, they are partner who will work with us to improve our rostering solution as we help support them to deliver better health care outcomes. This is a real win win agreement.”

Justin Buyes, head of IT architecture for VCL, stated: ”Having tested the Rision solutuion in some of our services, we have seen the impact it can make and are very excited to be rolling this out across our services.”

Virgin Care Limited is a leading provider of health care services in the United Kingdon which has over 7,000 employees that operate in over 330 National health service services which have treated more than 5 million people since 2006. It is part of the Virgin Group which employs more then 71,000 people in 35 countries and operates over 60 businesses.

The company believes that it can now progress other immediate opportunities outside of the UK in the health services sector and other multiple sectors suited for the Rostering Platform and expects to update the market in respect of these opportunities in the coming weeks.

About Rision Limited

Rision is a mobile technology platform to help businesses manage and support their employees. Rision has applications across a broad range of industries including hospitality, fast food, retail, event management, nursing, security, gaming and government. The Company has a vision to distribute its platform to major sectors who manage contingent workforces both National and Internationally.

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