Monday, January 13th, 2014

Australia’s own Grand Slam tennis tournament begins today. More than 6.7 million Australians 14+ always or occasionally watch the Open on TV and are expected to tune in during the next fortnight of aces, volleys, cross-court passing shots, down-the-line winners and eventual tears and trophy-smooching—including almost a million new car purchase intenders.  

Only the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and AFL Grand Final traditionally receive more TV viewers, giving the Australian Open wider reach than NRL Grand Final, one-day and test match cricket, and the Melbourne Cup. KIA has been the major sponsor of the Australian Open since replacing Ford in 2002, and almost 2.8 million Australians 14+ (14.5%) now associate the Korean carmaker with the event.

Costing KIA a speculated $10 million per year in cash and loaned vehicles, overall association by around 1 in 7 Australians might not seem too worthwhile. But the link between KIA and the Open strengthens exponentially in line with the brand’s relevance to its consumer: to around 1 in 4 new car intenders; 1 in 3 intenders who can recall KIA ads; 2 in 5 intenders who watch the Open on TV; nearly 3 in 5 intenders who are considering KIA; and almost three quarters of those who intend to buy a KIA in the next four years.   

% of each group who associate KIA with the Australian Open Tennis:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Aust): Nov 2012 –Oct 2013, n = 49,179 Australian’s 14+.

Jordan Pakes, Group Account Director – Automotive, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Leading up to last year’s tournament, KIA extended its commitment as the Australian Open’s major sponsor through to at least 2018, which will then make KIA the event’s longest running major sponsor.

“When it comes to association with the Australian Open, KIA is the only brand to hit double figures, with Adidas and Nike the next most often associated brands. Although neither sports brand is a ‘direct’ event sponsor, their logos appear on most centre-court (and televised) players including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.

“The five-fold boost between the proportion of all Aussies who associate KIA with the event and the proportion of KIA new car intenders suggests the carmaker is doing an excellent job at leveraging their involvement with prospective buyers.

“12 years on, previous major sponsor Ford still manages to generate event association with almost 700,000 Australians.”

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