Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Community Visitors were formed under state government legislation to independently evaluate group home services within the State of Victoria.

Service evaluation being very much needed, considering the vulnerability of very vulnerable people behind the closed doors of group homes for those with intellectual and multiple disabilities. 

Original training encouraged community visitors to speak with both residents and support staff, to properly evaluate service level and quality.

Where residents had little or no effective communication skills, community visitors were encouraged to seek dialog with parents, families or other stakeholders.

Community visitors who currently visit group homes are forbidden by the Office of the Public Advocate from communicating with the representatives of those residents who cannot speak effectively for themselves.

The subsequent community visitors service evaluation report is therefore based mainly on support staff opinion - little or nothing from most service users.

Mr Tony Tregale, Coordinator of LISA Inc., says, “Where is the reasonable human rights and democracy for those for whom the community visitor program is intended – residents of group homes?”

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Lifestyle inSupported Accommodation (LISA) Inc.

Lifestyle inSupported Accommodation (LISA) Inc. is a family support and lobby group for families with a member with a disability living in a supported accommodation group home.  LISA Inc. empowers families to better understand support services, and exposes queationable service provision.
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