Friday, January 10th, 2014

Family First MLC Dennis Hood has called for reduced state taxes following the release of job vacancy figures.

“The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that job vacancies in South Australia have fallen 60% in 3 years, which is disastrous,” said Mr Hood.

“In November 2010, there were 16,600 job vacancies. In November 2013 this had reduced by 60% to 6,700 vacancies. The figures for private sector job vacancies were very similar to the overall figures.”

“Whilst other states also suffered reductions in job vacancies over those years, South Australia suffered the greatest reduction of any state. Only the ACT was greater, reducing from 6,800 to 2,600 vacancies, being a 62% reduction. The next greatest reduction after SA was Victoria, with a reduction of 33%.

“The government must reduce taxes and utility costs to make the state more attractive to businesses. Our WorkCover premiums and our electricity costs are all the highest, or virtually the highest, in Australia. We also have high stamp duty rates, with the duty on purchasing an ordinary house being the highest in Australia.

“This state has spent a massive amount on infrastructure in recent years, and we are now suffering the consequences. The mining industry slowing down has certainly reduced job vacancies, so we need to replace mining jobs with other industries. We have yet to feel the impact of job losses in the car manufacturing and component industries.”


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