Monday, January 6th, 2014

Apps are used for everything from dating to checking what movies are playing to getting name ideas for your unborn child.

Jose Cuervo, the world’s No. 1 tequila, has launched its brand new ‘Howl’ app, which allows people all over Australia a fun and interactive way to plan a night out.

With the party season well and truly upon us, the ‘Howl’ app brings groups of people together in an interactive and spontaneous way.

You create virtual 'packs' of friends and once out for a night, broadcast your location to the specified ‘pack’ by sending out a 'Howl' direct from your phone.

It’s a call to arms and a ‘Who’s In?’ app, which celebrates the instigator of any group, getting their friends together for a fun day or night.

"The objective of this app is to give our instigators all over Australia, a practical tool to 'call out the pack' in a moment of genuine spontaneity. It creates the 'Who's In?' moment", said Anja Weise-O’Connor, Jose Cuervo International.

If you’re at the beach and decide you want a cool drink at the local pub, send out a howl to your friends and see who turns up. If you’re at home and then decide you shouldn’t be wasting your summer holiday,  simply send out a howl and let all your friends know which location you will be at.

Your pack can be as big as you make it and the more howls you send out, the more chance you will have of a better night. It’s a great way to organise a spontaneous get together with close friends or even reacquaint yourself with friends you may have lost touch with over the years. You never know, they might just be in the area and want a catch up!

The Howl app, which is free (in the Apple App Store and Google Play store) includes inbuilt social sharing functionality and a clean, simple user interface design, taking great steps to make sure the organisation of a social gathering is not overcomplicated by the use of technology.

The Jose Cuervo Howl app uses the Foursquare API for location check-ins by the pack leader, monitoring the journey of each Pack member as they travel and issues SMS messages  (‘howls’) to members of his or her “Pack”.

There is no easier or enjoyable way to meet your friends this summer!

For further information or to interview a spokesperson on this brand new ‘Howl’ app, please contact Joe Hughes from N O W! Communications on [email protected] or 0423 491 808.


Additional Notes:

Howl App Product Spec:

·      Foursquare API location check-ins

·      SMS messages sent to invitees to join the pack  (including link to app)

·      Push notifications for invitee to check-in once in the geo-fence parameter of the assigned location

·      Ability to share location through social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

·      Pack leaderboards based on three categories rated by participants – speed, endurance, effort & loyalty

·      Profile shows the total amount of points and a break down by categories.

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