Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
Sydney, 15 March 2010: A new partnership between engin Ltd (ASX:ENG), Australia’s leading broadband telephony company, and Harris Technology will cut the phone bills of small to medium enterprises by up to 50 percent and give them the power of a corporate-level phone system at the same time.

Available through Harris Technology, the release of engin’s Hosted Phone System brings the major cost saving technology of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to Australia’s smaller enterprises. For more than a decade only large corporations have been able to benefit from VoIP which uses broadband capacity, rather than traditional copper wire telephone systems, to deliver calls.

The combination of Harris Technology’s expertise in the SMB market with engin’s hosted telephony solution and Cisco’s range of hardware provides a fully featured phone system at a fraction of the price of a traditional on-premise PBX. The Harris Technology/engin Hosted Phone System bundles equipment, installation and support services, as well as broadband and phone plans.

Jack McKeon, Head of Business Sales at engin Ltd, said: “With minimum upfront equipment costs, no maintenance fees and a system which grows with your business simply by adding handsets, it’s ideal for small to medium businesses.”

All that is needed are the VoIP handsets, which are pre-configured by engin. These can be plugged into either the customer’s existing switch and router equipment or an upgraded set as part of the Hosted Phone System offer.

Eron Plumb, National Manager at Harris Technology, said: “We feel this is a great offer for small to medium businesses who want to save money on their telecommunications. By simply visiting Harris Technology a small to medium business owner can now walk away with a fully functioning, cost effective phone system for their business.”

A business purchasing the four handset package with four lines and up to 10 numbers will pay only $41.50 per month in service fees, compared to the $140-$200 range for the same service on regular analog phone lines. Additional lines are only $9.50 each, a great saving when compared to a typical business line rental of $40 with the major telcos.

The Hosted Phone System offers advanced telephony features such as call waiting, call hold, call transfer and forward; caller ID and caller name display; 3-way conferencing; line hunt; voicemail to email; and free calls and transfers between branch offices.

The Hosted Phone System removes the capacity constraints of traditional phone systems. As engin hosts the phone system it can be easily expanded simply by adding handsets. Customers can also have handsets at multiple sites without any extra charge. Staff can work from home or interstate while all still visible on the one phone system.

This innovative system can be configured to suit the needs of any small business. Three flexible introductory offers are now available for Harris Technology customers:

  • Offer 1 - Phone system with 4 Cisco SPA502, 1-line handsets for $752 (switch and router extra)
  • Offer 2 - Phone system with 8 handsets (including 2 executive Cisco SP504, 4-line handsets) for $2,122
  • Offer 3 - Phone system with 12 handsets (including 2 executive handsets) for $2,874

Free installation and ongoing support is available for all engin Hosted Phone System purchases made before 31 March. And as part of the introductory offer, customers receive a $50 credit per handset on any phone plan.

Hosted Phone Plans and Pricing
  • Monthly access fee from only $41.50 per month (includes 4 lines and 10 numbers. Extra lines can be used for direct voicemail number, fax numbers and additional lines for future business growth
  • Local and national calls for a flat 10c per call
  • Low mobile phone call costs on all plans; only 17c per minute with no connection fee.
  • International calls start from only 1.9c per minute
  • Free engin to engin calls
ADSL2+ High-Speed Business Broadband Plans start from $59.95

Contact Profile

engin Limited

Engin is an Australian owned and operated telecommunications network listed on the Australian stock exchange (ENG). engin’s growth has been underpinned by a 2007 strategic partnership with the Seven Network.

The engin service delivers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services. Any broadband user is able to make and receive calls using their existing telephone handset. VoIP sends voice signals over the internet, rather than through the regular telephone network. The advantage of this technology is significantly reduced local, mobile and international call rates.
Cathryn van der Walt , Boyd PR
P: 0402 327 633
W: www.engin.com.au

Harris Technology

Harris Technology, a member of Officeworks, is one of Australia’s largest resellers of technology to small and medium businesses. Its product range includes computers, displays, networking, storage, printing, accessories, servers, software, licensing and services, sold through retail outlets, contact centres and online.

For further information please contact:
Jack McKeon, engin, 02 8985 5825
Cathryn van der Walt, BoydPR, 0402 327 633

W: www.ht.com.au


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