Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Personal training app, rocket scientists and holographic game development platform win MEGA 2013.

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA:   The MEGA  entrepreneurial masterclass program "demo day" has named its winners for 2013 and is now on the hunt for new would-be entrepreneurs for the 2014 startup training program.

The PTBiz team and its personal training app won the Best Pitch, Best Written Business Proposal and the Most Customer-Centric Pitch at the event held at Univeristy of South Australia's Allan Scott Auditorium.

Voxon won the Peer-Assessed Prize for Voxiebox, a proprietary display technology that allows video and animations to be viewed in three dimensions, much like the holograms in Star Wars.

MEGA is an entrepreneurial masterclass program - supported by the SA Government through DFEEST - that helps teams of creative, technical and business participants develop new products and services for global markets.

Students, marketers, accountants, managers and even rocket scientists participated in this year’s training program, which took place over 20 intensive evening workshops in Adelaide. Participants are coached by some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurial trainers.

A panel of expert judges and an audience of hand-picked investors attended the event to see South Australian innovation in action as we move further towards our mission of being known as the City Of Entrepreneurs.

Cyrus Allen from the Strativity Group, one of the judging panel, said: "MEGA is a platform that is fundamentally reshaping the talent and incubation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem."

The Prizes

Best Pitch - Trophy, $1000 cash and $1000 worth of Ninefold Cloud Services to PTBIz

Best Written Business Proposal - $1000 cash to PTBiz

Peer Assessed - $5k and 6 months of co-working space at Majoran to Voxon.

Newsmaker Prize for marketing and PR to Smart 3D - valued at $1000.

Most Customer-centric pitch – iPad from the Strativity group worth $1000 - PT Biz

$10k digital advertising package and a digital account manager to structure the media planning from News Australia - PT BIZ

The MEGA 2013 Teams:

PT Biz

PT Biz provides a client management system for personal trainers. This is practice management software/CRM for the personal trainers that can be used by gyms to manage contracted personal trainers, or independent owner operators.

- Eamon Pielow: Illustrator.

- Ulani Parsons: Marketing

- Ben Eblan: Illustrator.

- Stephen Brown: SMEs

Smart 3D

A cloud service that can translate engineering requirements into designs suitable for automated manufacturing systems.

- Nikita Kozhevnikov: Aerospace engineering/analysis, Autodesk software salesman and 3D modelling skills applications.

- Amina Omarova: Management and marketing (post-grad at ECIC).

- Kerry Simcock: Business plan and grant writing, project management.

Voxon -

Voxon’s "Voxiebox" is a proprietary display technology that allows video and animations to be viewed in 3 dimensions, much like the holograms in Star Wars. Voxon is planning to supply the Voxiebox for advertising, games and industries where volumetric visualisation is important such as mining.


- Will Tamblyn: Software engineer/inventor

- Gavin Smith: Software engineer/inventor

- Magdalena Hadji: Business facilitation & consulting.


Mozaic is a modular platform used to help businesses rapidly publish smart mobile apps. It's takes the technology out of the equation and lets businesses only focus on what the app should do, not how. Mozaic... Smart apps made easy.


- Peter Murphy: Software development for large enterprises.

- Brian Nikoloff: TechBA, "solution architect", communicating the best UX for corporate clients.

- Jack Ni: Software & hardware background, broad tech skills.

- Kinshuk Sen: Dev background and iOS

- Brendan Macey: Dot net and iOS, Android

- Jon Ide: Software development.


Neon is a simple to use push promotion application and marketing analytics tool for small business.

The Neon team includes Simon Rudduck and Brent Jacobs.

As well a financial support from the SA Government, MEGA is supported by Majoran Distillery, Strativity, Newsmaker, News Australia, Next Faze, UniSA,
Monkeystack, Enabled, Mobile Monday, Ninefold, ANAT and Adelta Legal.

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