Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Hitting the road with Rover -- and making sure everyone stays happy -- means considering both his needs and your own before checking into your pet friendly hotel. This useful list of pet travel tips from Marriott is designed to help you avoid missing any details, so everyone has a great vacation.

Before You Go

Schedule a check up for your pet with your veterinarian prior to your trip, and be sure to ask about anti-nausea medications or sedatives, if travel makes your pet anxious. Make sure your destination has your pet's regular food; if not, save room in your luggage for a healthy supply.

Be Sure to Bring

Your loyal companion will certainly appreciate a hint of home; if your pet uses a special bed, bring it along. Other favorite toys, pillows or treats are also nice way to reduce anxiety. You won't regret putting together a pet first-aid kit, especially if you're traveling to out-of-the-way destinations. The kit should have the basics, including gauze pads and rolls, bandages, cotton swabs, an instant cold pack, a cloth roll, tweezers, a thermometer, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment.

On the Road

If you and your pet are traveling by car, remember to cover your pet's car seat and bring along food and water bowls. Cats also need a portable litter box. It might be a good idea to attach your pet's leash before heading out, even if they're in a carrier, in case they get the chance to bound away at the rest stop before you can secure the lead.

No matter how you travel, arriving at one of our pet friendly hotels will put you both at ease. With more than 1,200 pet friendly hotels, dedicated pet owners -- and their loyal companions -- are sure to find the perfect place to stay.

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