Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Leading Numbing Product Brand Dr Numb is offering a Huge 35% Discount on All Products


Vancouver, 12/23/2013: Dr Numb, one of the most trusted numbing product brands worldwide today announced the biggest ever sale of the year 2013. There’s no limit on the minimum purchase; anyone placing an order from December 16th till December 31st is eligible for a whopping 35% discount. The promo code for this mega sale on numbing products is ‘boxingday’ and all orders can be placed on the official website.

The announcement is almost certainly going to sound like music to thousands of people who’ve been using Dr Numb products on a regular basis. While home users can buy their stock for the next year, tattoo artists and others who need to use numbing creams and gels on a daily basis can also place bulk orders on the official website of Dr Numb, Canada.

Home users in particular need just one or two creams for a year for their personal use. Since there is no ‘minimum purchase amount’ restriction of any kind, they too can avail the offer till December 31st provided the stock lasts that long.

Chances are the stock would finish much before the end of this year as Dr Numb products have been high in demand and anyone learning about the offer is likely to take the opportunity to save more than one third on purchase costs.

The official spokesperson of Dr Numb Canada informed that the offer is open to everyone including home users, bulk buyers or distributors. Local distributors in the country are likely to place their orders at the first opportunity. The discount on all Dr Numb products is valid until the stock finishes.

About Dr Numb:

Dr Numb is the most trusted brand that manufactures and sells numbing creams and gels. The company has presence in dozens of countries and its products are frequently recommended by medical professionals, tattoo artists and others who undertake various derma procedures including waxing, piercing, laser skin resurfacing etc.


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