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With One Voice is Creativity Australia’s nationwide singing movement.

Every week, Creativity Australia’s 13 With One Voice choirs inspire people from more than 40 nationalities, aged 9 to 90, to sing side-by-side.  Age, race, language, religion, disability and disadvantage fade away. Everyone is welcome.

The With One Voice choir program was launched in 2008 by soprano and social entrepreneur Tania de Jong AM. The choirs are led by professional conductors and meet weekly, followed by supper.

Tania recently presented her first TEDtalk entitled “How singing together changes the brain” at TEDx Melbourne. It has had over 2000 views in just three days with messages coming from all over the world embracing the vision Tania shares.  View it here

“Singing is the language of the heart. For centuries, song has played a key role in community, culture and story-telling worldwide," Tania said. "Yet how many people dare to sing freely these days... apart from in the shower?

“Community singing empowers voices that have been silenced, unleashes creative potential… and that’s just the start.

“For some, choir is a way to de-stress after work. For others, it’s a first glimpse into Australian life after arriving here as a migrant, asylum seeker or refugee. For others, it’s an opportunity to connect to networks, skills and employment. It’s all about joy, freedom and inspiration.”

Creativity Australia believes unleashing a community’s collective creative potential can achieve incredible social and economic outcomes. When diverse voices sing together, people can more easily connect to whatever they need in life... friends, mentors, wellbeing, new skills, self-esteem, employment and more.

“Neuroscience proves singing connects the neural pathways in the brain differently and releases endorphins, making people healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. From this position, people are more capable of asking for, receiving and giving help,” Tania said.

The joy of song connects diverse people and puts them in the right headspace to connect to whatever they need in life – friends, relaxation, mentors, wellbeing, new skills, employment pathways and more. It’s all about joy, freedom and inspiration.
Through the Wish List, participants grant wishes for one another like free music lessons, CV-writing, connections to jobs, English language assistance and help setting up a blog to share stories of homeless people in the Sydney CBD.

“Empowered individuals and supportive communities are better placed to solve society’s big challenges, such as cross-cultural integration, unemployment, mental illness, low economic productivity, skills shortages, loneliness and isolation, family fragmentation, homelessness and more,” she said.

“This is why we’re the passionate leaders of a singing movement... to strengthen communities, improve wellbeing and change the world one voice at a time!”

“So no matter what age you are or what language you speak, join the With One Voice choirs!”

Creativity Australia has 13 programs in Victoria and Sydney. The charity now aims to bring With One Voice choirs to more communities across Australia, starting with Brisbane With One Voice and more choirs in Sydney in 2014.

Creativity Australia is not-for-profit and a charity, recently recognised in Anthill’s Smart 100 as one of Australia’s top social innovations. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

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View Tania de Jong’s TEDtalk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_HOBr8H9EM

Creativity Australia’s Founder, Executive Director, Conductors and some choir participants are available for interview. Video and high-resolution images are also available on request.
Tania de Jong AM, Founder and Chair, Creativity Australia
0411 459 999

Suzanne Barton, Marketing and Communications Manager, Creativity Australia
(03) 8679 6088 / [email protected]


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Tania de Jong AM, Founder and Chair

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