Friday, December 20th, 2013

Having grown rapidly, Sydney, Australia-based Dental Corporation struggled to consolidate finance and patient information from its 220 individual practices. Executives wanted seamless access to practice data to improve financial control and develop better patient services. Each practice used its own health records and finance system, however, and imposing a standard system on each practice would create enormous disruption.

In 2013, the firm teamed with cloud-solutions integrator, Breeze, to devise a fundamentally new approach to creating common electronic health records. By placing a simple data-extraction product (Cloud Data Manager) on each practice network, Breeze developed a solution that draws all finance and patient data onto an integration database hosted by Windows Azure in the cloud. Breeze consolidates the data and sends standardized reports to Dental Corporation. With one of the first hybrid cloud solutions in the Australian health services industry, Dental Corporation and Breeze have broken new ground in health service systems integration.

The solution leaves medical professionals with their own preferred systems, while generating the data Dental Corporation needs to make its businesses more efficient, and its patient services more flexible, accommodating, and proactive. By sharing patient data in a way that results in minimal disruption, Dental Corporation is helping to pioneer seamless collaboration between health services organizations. And because the data integration function is hosted on Windows Azure, the solution requires little capital investment and is instantly scalable. Impressed by the concept, the firm's parent company plans to adopt the solution to help build its integrated patient-care services.

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