Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Revolutionary road surfacing company, Global Road Technology, has opened a new manufacturing and services facility on the Warrego Highway providing a massive boost to the region’s manufacturing industry and employment as well as improving road safety.

The new 16,000-sqm facility that includes factory and office space, places the global cutting-edge “instant highway” provider in the heart of the booming mining region and one of Queensland’s most dangerous places to drive.

GRT director Ben Skinner said the company was working on the Southern Downs for Australia’s largest Liquefied Natural Gas company and would expand north to reduce the mining boom’s devastating environmental impact on roads and increase road safety.

“GRT products use in-situ material to mitigate dust and soil stabilisation issues by up to 95 percent on rural roads whilst reducing traffic volumes, water usage, fuel usage and landowner complaints,” Mr Skinner said.

“These measures increase safety and environmental sustainability on rural and regional roads.”

The booming gas and coal mining industry, huge increases in traffic, and escalating road maintenance demands have been linked to a sharp rise in the number of road accidents in the Darling Down. The Southeast region suffered an increase of 21 road fatalities in 2013 over figures for 2012.  In the Darling Downs alone, 23 people were killed on roads, compared to nine in 2012.

The battering by heavy traffic of rural roads in the region has not only made the roads more dangerous, but caused dust and pollution of the environment.

Western Downs Mayor Ray Brown said roads in the region were simply unable to cope. Traffic on the Warrego Highway alone had increased by around 18,000 vehicles, he said.

Mr Skinner said the GRT technology and the company’s Darling Downs base would contribute to a safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly road solution for the region.

GRT products reduced dust and erosion levels by up to 98 per cent, reduced water requirements for dust control, reduced truck and equipment maintenance, and reduced landowner complaints, he said.

The technology increased safety, material density and strength, and truck utilisation, he said.

GRT’s polymer dust suppression and road stabilisation technology was able to create instant road infrastructure – saving time, money and resources – compared to the construction of conventional roads.

Demand for GRT products in the Darling Downs region had seen volume increase to over 100,000 tonnes of product a week, with GRT delivering a 37 percent cost saving to companies on conventional road maintenance, Mr Skinner said.

Global Road Technology is used across India, North and South America. The company recently signed a $116 million deal with Indian construction and energy giant Triace to lay its technology on 7,000 kilometres of road in India.



About Global Road Technology:  


Global road Technology is an international company that provides revolutionary solutions to create better and safer roads for people, industry and communities. GRT technology and products solve road stabilisation and dust control problems for all types of roads from major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, tarmacs, hardstand areas and water repellent pavements. GRT’s technology can be applied into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials to create instant, safer, and sustainable infrastructure.







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