Friday, December 20th, 2013

Australians are flocking to AskU, the Australian Charities Fund’s (ACF) innovative new market research app that turns people’s spare time answering questions into spare change for charity programs. Since its launch in September, AskU’s growing community base has provided over 1.2 million answers and raised much needed funds for Australian charities including The Smith Family, Mission Australia and Opportunity International Australia.

The latest beneficiary is Redkite, the charity that supports children, teenagers and young adults with cancer (up to the age of 24), and their families.

"Every six hours a child or young person is diagnosed with cancer in Australia. People don't often think about the ongoing financial and emotional pressures that they and their families experience. By donating just a few minutes, AskU users are giving families the precious gift of time - ensuring parents can afford time away from work to be at their child's bedside," says Redkite CEO, Jenni Seton. "The impact is as real as ensuring there is fuel in the car to help a child get to hospital, lights on at home and food on the table."

AskU is a new approach to fundraising – with organisations paying AskU to ask questions of the growing public community. Individuals participate by downloading the AskU app and answering questions on a regular basis. With every question that is answered, a small amount of money is raised, collated and donated to charity. “It’s like micro-fundraising”, explains ACF CEO, Jenny Geddes. “We know that Australians are generous, but don’t always have extra money to donate or time to volunteer … with AskU, people can donate 30 seconds, answer questions and contribute to something much larger. It’s a small amount, but together, these small amounts become substantial. With AskU, every moment you can spare to answer questions really adds up for the community.”’

Free on iTunes and Google Play, the app is available for all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

ACF CEO Jenny Geddes says, “AskU is an exciting game changer for the charity sector.  AskU is a tangible example of the way that charities, businesses and community can create ‘shared value’ – it’s all about finding a way for everyone to participate and benefit.  We are delighted to welcome Redkite onto AskU so that we can all work together to make a positive contribution to families who are facing terribly challenging situations this holiday season. Donating a few minutes each day to answer questions may not seem like a lot, but every minute adds up and you will be helping support Redkite’s Cancer Journey Program and will be making a difference to 50 families.


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