Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Inner Cleansing Health Clinics is pleased to announce that an innovative new digestive health treatment, ozone colonic hydrotherapy, is now available in Melbourne.

With bowel related health disorders on the rise and colorectal cancers now one of the leading causes of early death in developed countries, this new therapy has been developed to promote better intestinal health well into old age.

Ozone colonic hydrotherapy is a recently developed alternative therapy that combines the benefits of colonic irrigation with ozone therapy. The treatment provides a deeper colon cleanse and a more efficient detox than is possible through normal colonic hydrotherapy alone. Developed in the United States, Inner Cleansing is among the first clinics in Australia to offer the treatment.

“There has been a noticeable difference since we started offering ozone colon hydrotherapy,” said Simone Harley, a certificated colon therapist at Inner Cleansing in Berwick, Melbourne. “Our clients have experienced greatly improved results since we introduced the new treatment some weeks ago. For example, some people report that they eliminate as much as twice the amount of faecal waste material when they have the ozone added.”

Ozone, or “trioxygen”, has profound healing properties as it can eliminate anaerobic pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, while protecting gut-friendly bacteria. Medical grade ozone is formed when pure oxygen is passed through an ozone generator. In that process, oxygen molecules that contain two oxygen atoms are converted to ozone, which contains three oxygen atoms.

The ozone is then combined with the water that is used for a colonic irrigation to deliver its healing properties to where it is needed most, drawing out even the most entrenched toxins in the colon’s cells.

As ozone is a powerful antibacterial, germicidal and anti-fungicidal agent, harmful bacteria, viruses, cancers, candida, fungi, and toxins cannot live in an ozone rich environment. Even heavy metals, environmental pollutants and old drug residues can be pulled out of the body’s cells. In this way the body's healing process is stimulated and the immune system boosted.

The therapy has been enthusiastically embraced by clients at Inner Cleansing. Shoshana, one of ICHC’s clients, said: “I love having colonics done and the way they make me feel energised and light. I especially like the way they complement juice fasts and detoxes in general.” On the strength of Ms Harley’s recommendation Shoshana tried ozone therapy. “I did not expect such a massive release of faecal matter compared to regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions. I also love the benefits of clearer skin and a clearer mind. The differences between the two are immense and now that I have tried ozone therapy I doubt I will ever go back.”

Case studies in the United States have found that ozone hydrotherapy can reduce lactic acid accumulation and treat chronic viral infections, such as hepatitis and herpes. The treatment increases energy and assists patients with autoimmune diseases and interstitial cystitis, as well as helping prevent depression and candida overgrowth.

Ozone also purifies the skin and improves circulation. The efficient cleansing process eliminates toxins associated with colds, flu, asthma, congestion and allergies.

“Ozone is used to purify water in over 100 major cities in Europe. It converts sewerage into pure drinking water. Just imagine what it could do for your bloodstream, cells, lymph fluids, skin and brain,” said Ms Harley. “Knowing that ozone has such a great impact and is better than many pharmaceutical agents I don't hesitate to recommend it to our clients when I know the effect of the colonic could be even more profound.”

Colonic irrigation is a well known popular alternative therapy used to help the body detox and stay energized and healthy. It has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of various chronic illnesses such as IBS as well as assist in maintaining an overall state of wellbeing. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, during which water is flushed into the colon and thereby cleans it from toxins and waste.

“I came in for a colonic due to a long time of stomach sensitivities, constipation and strong menstrual pain, not to mention appendix pain,” patient Mala Ventura said. “Having done a colonic prior to coming here I was always left tired. Ozone has changed the way I feel about, during and post colonic. I'm excited to go in, the cramps, feeling of nausea, and extreme tiredness are no longer present. I am alert the whole session, and I leave feeling ready to tackle the day.”

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Inner Cleansing Health Clinics offer a range of digestive health treatments including colonic hydrotherapy and diet coaching. Based in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, they provide their clients with a comfortable, private, and inviting therapeutic atmosphere. They have highly experienced and knowledgeable staff on board with over 12 years of experience in the colon irrigation and digestive health fields. For far safer and more comfortable colonics the “Angel of Water” TGA Approved colonic irrigation system is used in their clinics.

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