Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

When it comes to media consumption, New Zealand has fast become a land of divided attentions. Since late 2010, the proportion of Kiwis 14+ who enjoy being online at the same time as they watch TV has grown by 12% points, from 29% to 41% in October 2013.

With parallel consumption on the rise, TV programmers and advertisers are beginning to realise the potential of having audiences with more info at their fingertips. In the quarter to October 2013, Kiwis who enjoy surfing the net and watching TV at the same time are 55% more likely than average to visit a website after seeing something on the box, and 17% more likely to have a conversation about TV advertising.

In Synch: New Zealanders 14+ who ‘Like to Surf the Net While Watching TV’

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, November 2010 to October 2013. Average quarterly sample size n = 3009 New Zealanders 14+.

Men and women are equally likely to enjoy browsing while watching TV. Nearly half of 47% of Wellingtonians are avid dual-screeners, ahead of Aucklanders (44%) and only 30% of those in Marlborough or Southland regions. New Zealand’s love of multi-screening remains well above the current Australian rate of 36%.

Pip Elliott, General Manager, Roy Morgan Research NZ, says:

“More and more people are using multiple screens at home, often watching TV while browsing the internet on their laptop or mobile phone. 

“On the surface, this second-screen phenomenon might seem to be diverting attentions away from the TV, perhaps at a cost to TV advertising awareness.

“However our research shows that people who use the internet while watching TV are more likely to enjoy and respond to TV advertising compared with the average New Zealander, indicating that other connected devices can actually enhance or complement the viewing experience. Many in the industry are making it more interactive by incorporating social media or other digital platforms.”

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