Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are fairly new to the trading arena and since their first introduction in the early 90's they have seen a phenomenal rise in popularity. Due to their flexibility, ETFs offer a huge trading market, and like most things new, much remains unknown about ETFs. It is due to the lack of available ETF information which has seeded the launch of

At the moment, all ETFs are essentially index funds, which is to say they track the performance of a specific stock or bond market index or other benchmark. The first ETFs to hit the market back in 1993 were SPDRs, or "Spiders," which track the Standard and Poor's 500 index of large-company stocks.

The current issuer market is dominated by State Street Global Advisors, Barclay's Global Fund Advisors, iShares and Vanguard. Everything is on offer such as ETFs which track anything from the entire U.S. stock market to various segments of it such as large stocks, small stocks, value, growth, energy, tech, utilities, and REITs.

ETFs are also available which track developed foreign markets, individual countries or even emerging markets. They have also spread into covering the bond market (Treasury, corporate and Inflation backed). As one would expect ETFs are available which also track commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, pork bellies and live cattle. There is approximately 150 ETF category types which means it can become very overwhelming and time consuming to locate the correct ETF investment which is suited towards your portfolio. Websites such as gather and filter all of the ETF market news and categorize it on an easy to use platform. The website also provides free charting and specific news for each ETF.

Since ETFs trade on an exchange like stocks, you will need access to a trading platform to be able to buy or sell them. Introducing brokers such as Enfinium International provide direct market access to just about every ETF product from around the Globe.

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It is often said that the best approach to trading ETF's is to keep the technical analysis basic and efficient whilst being up to date with current news as provided by the ETF Funds website in Australia. is a website dedicated to ETFs. Whether you're an individual investor interested in learning about ETFs or a financial advisor using ETFs for high networth clients the ETF Fund website will have the answer.

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