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Over five million Australians (27%) are ‘Trusted Advisers’ on buying a car, whom family and friends ask for advice. These premium consumers are of exponential benefit to advertisers: a shiny car ad in front of one Trusted Advisor indirectly targets their whole tribe.

Motoring Magazines remain a valuable medium for connecting with these consumers. Compared with automotive websites, a much higher proportion of Magazine readers are likely to advise family and friends on their next car purchase.

The majority of Motoring Magazine readers (53%) are Trusted Advisers, compared with just 42% of visitors to Automotive Websites. 

When compared to the average, Trusted Advisers are 57% more likely to visit an automotive website, but 101% more likely to read a Motoring magazine.

Across many content categories, from automotive to lifestyle, computers, electronics, games and finance, Magazines attract a higher proportion of relevant Trusted Advisers than do equivalent websites. Instead, online content is more likely to attract ‘Info Seekers’—people who may go online before asking the advice of their magazine-reading Trusted Adviser.

 Trusted Advisers for Buying a Car: Magazine Readers vs Website Visitors

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2012 – September 2013. Australians 14+ read last issue of a Motoring Magazine (n = 3,503), Australians 14+ visited Automotive sites in last 4 weeks (n = 3,122).

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“As marketers plan for a cross-media approach to their advertising, it is crucial for them to examine the impact on awareness and ‘word of mouth’ from Trusted Advisers, those people that others go to for information. Readership figures alone are not enough.

“Our data highlights the value of magazines in connecting with well-informed ‘niche’ communities. Although specific titles differ in their niche appeal, a Motoring Magazine reader is 28% more likely than an automotive website visitor to be a Trusted Adviser.

“The strength of Magazines in many categories lies in appealing to Trusted Advisers and being able to offer their advertisers something exponentially more valuable than readership numbers vs website page views would suggest.”

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