Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Double Your Business Network

We are in the middle of an incredibly busy time in terms of office parties, client gatherings and social lunches.

As the end of the year draws to a close it can be easy to switch off at these functions, writing them off as just another excuse for people to get a drink or two.

In this video, Chris Helder makes the point that these gatherings are the perfect opportunity to draw out key contacts and useful business insight.

Nobody wants to be the guy doing the hard sell at a social event, which is why CHris has outlined his really clear FORD method, to help you structure conversation so that business chat comes naturally into play.

FORD encourages you to focus on the 3 things that people are dying to talk about:

F - Family & Friends

O - Occupation

R - Relaxation 

You then alter the structure of this program depending on the social context you find yourself in - leading either with family talk (FOR), work talk (ORF) or relaxtation discussions (ROF).

This helps to open the conversation up to the next stage:

D - Direction

What this means is that, by the end of the conversation you will have a really clear understanding of, not only who they are as a person, but where they are wanting to take their business.

Creating the perfect opportunity for you to add to your business contacts and work with them in support of their goals in 2014.

FORD is a simple tool that helps quash the awkwardness of small talk whilst also making you more effective in social situations, leaving the slackers at the bar whilst setting you up with new contacts for 2014.

Chris Helder is a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming specialising in advanced communication and behaviour modelling. Chris is one of today's highest booked speakers and advisors having worked with the likes of Suncorp, Citi Group, McDonalds and Jetset Travel and is represented by ODE Management. 


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