Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Three of the world’s leading grape and wine research organisations, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) (Bordeaux, France), the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) (Adelaide, Australia), and the Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) (Geisenheim, Germany), have joined forces in a new wine research alliance.

The alliance (informally known as the ‘BAG’ alliance) will bring strategic benefits to the grape and wine industries in the three member regions through exchange of people, projects and information. Alliance members will share infrastructure and expertise across the grape and wine value chain.

The Government of South Australia is supporting the new alliance through the Premier’s Research and Industry Fund.

Managing Director of the AWRI, Dr Dan Johnson said “This alliance paves the way for a new era of cooperative innovation in grape and wine science, allowing the partners to address globally-relevant challenges and minimise duplication.”

HGU president, Prof. Hans Schultz said “The ‘BAG’ Alliance will form an international platform which will allow a faster, more comprehensive and cost-effective treatment of transnational research issues for the grape and wine industries.”

Research Director of ISVV, Prof. Serge Delrot said “The alliance will provide a basis for more efficient and better integrated research on issues of shared concern in our three countries and beyond.”

Four areas of priority for collaboration have recently been identified:

- Adaptation to climate change

- Management of the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces

- Grapevine trunk diseases

- Consumer behaviour in China

Projects in these areas will launch early in 2014.

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The Australian Wine Research Institute

The Australian Wine Research Institute is the Australian grape and wine industry’s own research organisation. It supports a sustainable and successful grape and wine industry through world class research, practical solutions and knowledge transfer. 

Ella Robinson
M: 0402402121
W: www.awri.com.au

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Hochschule Geisenheim University is an institution of research, higher education and knowledge transfer focused on subjects covering the entire value chain from production to marketing of special crops and their products (mainly beverages) as well as the development of rural and urban spaces. The university offers 11 undergraduate and graduate programs as well as doctoral research options including topics in the grape and wine sciences.

Karina Klotz
P: +49 6722 502203
W: www.hs-geisenheim.de

The Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences

The Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) brings together the research teams of the Aquitaine area whose activities are relevant to viticulture and wine industry. ISVV has about 250 staff, including about 200 in biological and chemical sciences, and 50 in social and economic sciences, and aims to provide a high level of support to wine economic activity. Its activities include academic and extension research as well as higher education in viticulture, oenology and social sciences.

Norbert Loustaunau
P: +33 (0)540003836
W: www.isvv.univ-bordeauxsegalen.fr/en/


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