Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Gunn Audio has launched a $90,000 crowdfunding campaign to launch its unique "speakers that stream", designed in Australia by founder Brady Gunn. GUNN SX speakers have a built-in Android system with WiFi and touch-screen.

Gunn says that unlike every WiFi stereo speaker on the market, his SX speaker range requires no external device to control it:

"You don't want to have to load up your computer to stream and you don't need to involve your phone either. Simply connect them wirelessly to your home router and stream your music from your favourite app or site."

Planned for a May 2014 general release, the Gunn SX system will be on show at CES in Las Vegas in January. Subscribers to the Indiegogo campaign will receive their speakers before their public release.

Gunn Audio was founded by serial entrepreneur Gunn in 2010. A high school dropout at age 14, Gunn says he was on a downward spiral until the death of his best friend at age 17.

"It turned my life around -- I started learning how to be a man and I started to coach in schools and youth centres, working with kids just like me. Young people with an attitude."

Gunn had some luck, winning enough money to take him on a trip round the world, to places he'd never dreamed of, like Afghanistan, Mongolia and the Amazon.

"When the money ran out I used my credit card to found a business in London," he said. "That business grew to 35 people before we sold it. 

"Now I was a serial entrepreneur with experience in ecommerce and retail electronics.  I guess I’ve been driven to this point to do what any good entrepreneur does – solve a problem no one else has."

The result is Gunn Audio and the development of the innovative speaker design to solve the well known problem of clunky WiFi systems. 

"No more hassle of connecting phones or computers. Just turn on and tune in to concert quality sound easily extendible in any room in the house."

You can watch two videos on the "Speakers that Stream" site at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/speakers-that-stream - one about Brady Gunn's story and the other about the product innovation and design.

"The Gunn remote app is being built at the moment to enable the user to control the speakers from any smart phone, tablet or computer," Gunn says.

"Users can see and control the user interface including the music stored in the Flash drive or via the USB port. At this stage we are building Spotify Connect and Rdio into the GUNN remote app, with many more to follow. We can only build streaming apps into our remote app with the approval of the sites and will build the top 20 or so in early 2014.

"The first version app will be available in January 2014. The beauty of the GUNN SX smart speaker project is that this is not untrialled, brand new technology. All components are existing and extensively tested."

The goals of the Indiegogo campaign are to build awareness around the CES launch in Las Vegas, cultivate a team of interested individuals and take some pre-orders.

“Streaming speakers have global potential but speed to market is essential, hence the Indiegogo campaign which will ensure delivery of the best product possible in the shortest possible time,” Gunn said.



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