Friday, December 13th, 2013

Not for profit organisation MOVING PAWS Inc is calling on Christmas merry-makers to spare a thought – and hopefully a gold coin – for abandoned animals in need.

The saviour of many animals, especially small dogs, the fully volunteer-based group assists in re-homing small dogs, protects and fosters abandoned animals, helps people find a new ‘furkid’ through shelters and other rescue groups.

Founder, Debbie Mundy, started the service after coming across many animals in need of re-housing in her line of work as a real estate agent.

“People move for all kinds of reasons and many have to surrender their animals due to their changed circumstances”, Ms Mundy said.

“It could be a move to a retirement home, interstate or to a rental property that does not allow pets.

“We are particularly concerned about the New Year when many people make major moves interstate and when many rental properties turn over”, she said.

“And of course, the sadly common problem with people purchasing animals as Christmas or holiday gifts, only to abandon them when the novelty wears off or they realise their choice was inappropriate”.

Tax deductable donations to the accredited charity will go towards assisting animals in the care of Moving Paws.

In addition to monetary support, Debbie is also calling for foster homes and holiday carers, which are a very important part of the Moving Paws mission.

Full details on the organisation and how to support it are available on the website.

More information, testimonials and photos available from:

Debbie Mundy 0420  354 044 ,  Moving Paws Inc [email protected]


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