Friday, December 13th, 2013

Countdown your twelve days of Christmas with the following gift ideas to keep your
family safe on the road.

1. GPS device with built in digital speedometer
Remember, even small increases in travel speed can cause large increases in the
likelihood of a crash resulting in death or serious injury. A GPS device with a built in
digital speedometer will not only give you directions but will also help you monitor
your speed via its digital display.

2. Bike
If you are buying a bike for someone this Christmas, ensure that it is the right size
and is the model that is best suited for its intended use. For a bike to ride to work,
school or down to the shops consider a practical model with lights, mudguards and
racks for all-year-round fun transport. Exploring off-road tracks and trails? Buy a
sturdier hybrid or mountain bike.

3. Scooters and skates
Rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards and scooters are popular Christmas gifts
for people. The Australian Road Rules state a helmet must be worn when skating
and that a skater is treated as a pedestrian when on the footpath and a vehicle
when on the road. But remember that skating is not permitted on roads with
medians, marked into lanes or in on-road bicycle lanes. For more tips visit

4. Visibility flag for motorised scooters
If you or a family member rides a motorised scooter, it is important that the rider and
vehicle is visible to other pedestrians and road users. Consider attaching a
visibleorange flag to the scooter to further enhance visibility.

5. The Driver's Handbook
The Driver's Handbook is a great gift idea for a young driver or pre-learner to help
them study for upcoming licence tests. The Driver's Handbook can be viewed online
at or printed copies can
be purchased at Service SA customer service centres and selected newsagents.

6. Child restraint
Ensure your car is fitted with a size appropriate child restraint for the New Year. All
child restraints must comply with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS1754) and must
be the correct size and type for your child's age. Visit for more

7. Pet restraints
Purchase a pet seatbelt attachment and harness to keep your furry family members
safe and secure in the car, especially if they are joining you on a long road trip. An
appropriately restrained pet in the rear of a vehicle will also be less distracting.

8. Motorcycle gear
Make sure the motorcyclist in your family has durable motorcycle gloves, helmet,
pants and boots to keep them safe on the road and reduce the chance of serious

9. First aid kit
Put a small first aid kit in your glove box before heading out on a trip this Christmas
to ensure you are prepared in the event of a crash and remember to phone 000 in
event of an accident or a roadside emergency.

10. Road Rules Refresher Pocket Guide
The road rules refresher pocket guide outlines 10 common road rules and highlights
certain behaviours that are major contributors to high risk driving and crashes.
The pocket guide is available from Service SA, public libraries, local council offices,
RAA and police stations, or you can print a copy at

11. Car servicing and new tyres
It is important that your car is serviced and that you check fuel, oil, water and tyres
before a trip to avoid having to stop soon after you depart. Make sure your tyres,
including the spare, have the proper inflation pressure and that there is plenty of

12. New car
If you are feeling generous this Christmas a new safer vehicle is the ideal way to
stay safe on the road. Consider buying a car that has recognised safety features
and a high ANCAP safety rating. But buying a safe car doesn't mean you have to
spend a lot of money – can we work in here second hand buyers info that is also on
the web. Visit for more

For more road safety tips visit

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