Friday, December 13th, 2013

Melbourne, Australia:

Telstra Phonewords, formerly 1300 Australia has today announced new search functionality on its website which allows over 7,000 phone words to be searched in its database, with greater ease.

With one of the biggest selections of phonewords and 1300 numbers in Australia, they are the industry leader, and growth has continued as customers increasingly see the benefit of phone names and phone words to their business.

Telstra Phonewords is majority owned by Telstra, Australia’s first, and leading telecommunications company.

Even with the eagerness for businesses to invest mainly in on-line or digital, phone words still remain a vital tactic in business marketing. It’s important for customers of Telstra Phonewords to use their phone word wisely, by marketing and displaying their phone word on their website, clothing, and other branded items. Over 96% of Australians use a phone word, a clear sign that it’s a vital marketing tool.

Recalling a phone number is key to making marketing spend more effective. Recall rates in radio are up to ten times high if a phone word is used. On TV, it is five times as high.

Telstra Phonewords is looking forward to the positive customer feedback on this new, easy to use function, and the benefits phone words will bring to its ever-loyal customers.

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Telstra Phonewords

Telstra PhoneWords is majority owned by Telstra Corporation.  The business was founded in the late nineties to provide a solution for businesses planning to grow their market share and be able to gain a greater return on their marketing and advertising investment.  Today Telstra PhoneWords has grown to be one of the largest providers of phone words globally.

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