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What: Content Strategy provides great benefit to early adopters in Australian business.
Why: Content marketing is experiencing a spike in growth but it needs strategy to underpin it if it is to continue to grow well. Businesses that adopt Content Strategy early will experience stronger growth than those that focus solely on content marketing.
Who: Brutal Pixie, Leticia Mooney
Where: Adelaide, South Australia

For Immediate Release - 12 Dec 2013

Content Strategy is a field that will only be picked up by early adopters in Australia, but will provide great benefit to early adopter businesses.

Data recently published by Adelaide-based content business Brutal Pixie demonstrates the sharp rise that the term content marketing experienced worldwide in 2013. It also demonstrated that it is one of the top four countries for the term's appearance in media generally. Australians are also top of the list when it comes to social media strategy - a much slower growing trend.

Content Strategy, by contrast, is an area that captures content marketing, social media marketing, and social media strategy - and much more besides - and yet at the moment interest appears to be confined to the United States of America. 

'It is understandable that content marketing is seeing such a dramatic spike right now; marketing is a sexy thing, and content is really at the forefront of people's minds,' commended Founder and Content Strategist at Brutal Pixie, Leticia Mooney. 'Australia is clearly a place where content strategy will take off, once people know the benefits that it will bring to their businesses.'

Businesses and corporations in Australia probably haven't heard much about Content Strategy, but it is an area where early adoption can provide great benefits. The field works with your content from the ground up - including resources and risk assessments.

So, what is Content Strategy, exactly?

It is a strategy for your content that is also tied to your business strategy. It examines your current state, and analyses whether or not it works for you. Then, it offers tools, plans, workflows, resourcing plans, publishing strategies, and training (where required), to take your business to the next level. Content is expensive, and the necessity for producing it is not going to go away.

'A Content Strategist helps a business to analyse its existing content and existing resourcing and workflows, and works with a business to put in place tools and plans that make content creation easier and more effective,' explained Mooney. 'This is the simple version of Content Strategy. The actual deliverables are much more extensive, and the benefits to businesses alone are significant. One example that really clicks with people is the notion that they can have an effective workflow for their on-site blog, without ever having to think too much about what to write, when, and how. But simply knowing that your publishing workflow is tripping you over can also help you to find a better way of working.'

Large businesses and companies will feel the most benefit by adopting Content Strategy early, Mooney says, because they often have a lot of material, and tend to want to stay at the forefront of their fields.

'If you're in a large business, and you have a lot of material that you publish - internally or externally - chances are you don't have a curation cycle to keep it current. You may not even know exacty how many pages you have on your website or intranet, let alone what it is about your good ones that really work for you,' Mooney said. 'This is why bringing in a strategist is so beneficial: you finally get to a point where your content has an actual lifecycle, and you have an audit structure that helps you. Content should never be difficult.'

Trends and Forecasts Over Time by Interest

Legend:  Yellow = Copywriting; Green = Social Marketing; Red = Content Marketing; Purple = Social Media Strategy; Blue = Content Strategy.

Interest over time in Content Strategy by News Headlinesâ?¦ plus a forecast









Current regional interest in each field can be gained on the original post on the Brutal Pixie website.

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