Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Space-Time Research announces the pre-launch of its cloud based, big data analysis tool, SuperDataHub.

Over recent years, the private sector has been transformed by cloud computing and hosted services offered through the internet. Government organisations have also been using the internet for the dissemination of public data across many sectors, thus contributing to the OECD’s principle of openness and the free exchange of ideas, information and knowledge. However, many government departments are finding that financial constraints can adversely affect how agencies deploy their solutions and deliver on their obligations.  Some solutions are not user friendly and are not utilised to their full potential, while others are too costly, and some just simply do not work very well. 

SuperDataHub has been created to solve these problems.

“We wanted to develop a tool that makes it easy for anyone to unlock and share insights from big data sets. Our new SuperDataHub application can greatly aid the free exchange of information and open up new avenues for collaboration and sharing. Financial constraints have typically been a roadblock to progress for many organisations, but SuperDataHub’s cloud hosting will offer great cost savings to Governments and businesses alike.” Steven Hulse, CEO of Space-Time Research

SuperDataHub is built using Space-Time Research’s world famous SuperSTAR technology. It provides statistical analysis based on preloaded official datasets and users’ private data, one-click visualisations, ad hoc analytics and beautiful dynamic reporting.

As a special launch offer, until the end of January 2014 all users will have free access to all the tool’s premium features, including private data uploads, shareable dynamic reports, and the ability to download official datasets for use in other applications.

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