Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Australian Music Examinations Board repertoire is to be on StarPlay music education software, providing students with real audio and video accompaniment and instant feedback on their performance.
In the Chair(TM) is excited to announce that AMEB repertoire is to be available on StarPlay® music education software. Having AMEB repertoire on StarPlay allows students practicing for their examinations to see and hear the music as they play into a microphone and receive instant feedback based on their performance.
The AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) provides a graded system of examination in music that is widely recognized and respected. Its accreditation, with formal links to major Australian universities, is recognized professionally not only within Australian but also overseas.
"This is the first time that the AMEB have allowed any software product to license repertoire from their Syllabus for Practical Examinations and represents a significant coup for In the Chair and the StarPlay product," says David Evans, CEO of In the Chair.
"With StarPlay's remarkable feedback system, it is like I can be there to help my students whenever they practice," says Clarinet teacher Neal Holmes. Students studying for the examinations accelerate their learning curve by correcting their mistakes immediately.
StarPlay is built with an innate sense of user-friendliness by providing all the tools an instrumentalist will need when practicing for their examinations. These include the ability to change the tempo of a piece without affecting pitch, a choice of playing with or without the soloist or accompaniment and a playback of their performances.
Selected works from AMEB grades 1 to 4 for Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet are to be available on StarPlay by next month. Students playing a piece on StarPlay can slow the tempo of the piece as they learn. Playing a piece at the right speed will prevent the student from having to play catch-up and forming bad playing habits. As students advance, they can choose to play with both the soloist and accompaniment and graduate to performing without the soloist.
StarPlay provides accurate feedback during and immediately after each note is played by displaying a colored symbol on top of the note. Feedback is given on pitch, timing, duration, tone and dynamics. StarPlay's instant assessment helps students to fix problems before they become bad habits, contributing to better exam results.
After playing a piece, students can listen to a playback of their performance. Self assessment is an important skill to master while learning an instrument.
StarPlay is available online at or from Sibelius Australia.

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