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The ‘Family First’ Helix Persona (404) comprises those Aussies who come closest to representing the national norm on matters of lifestyle, opinions and behaviours—and when it comes to new car buying intention, this group is the biggest by both volume and total value.

Family Firsts are currently expecting to spend over $4.6 billion over the next four years on new cars. This is more than three times the persona average and almost a billion dollars above the next biggest spenders, Rural Families (702).

There are 131,000 Family Firsts in the market for a new car in the next four years, with an average price intention of $35,250.

Top 5 Helix Personas by New Car Spend in the next 4 years: 

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia): October 2012 – September 2013, New Car Intenders (next 4 years) n = 5,913

Large personas like Family First and Rural Families naturally tend to make up a larger proportion of the total spend, but other well-stocked groups fall down the list of top spenders because of lower per-vehicle price averages.

By volume alone, Budget Lifestyle (504) is the third biggest persona, with 87,000 intenders. But their average price point is around $4000 below the norm—which sends the group down to 6th on total value.

Similarly, Urban Entertainer (207) intenders outnumber 5th placed Domestic Jugglers (402) by about 2000 people—however the latter group is expected to spend almost $300 million more in the next four years.

Jordan Pakes, Group Account Director – Automotive, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“With a household income marginally below the national average, the Family First Helix Persona nevertheless represents the greatest combined new vehicle expected expenditure, thanks to sheer quantity.

“Together the 131,000 of them in the market for a new car are looking to contribute around 6% of the estimated $81 billion we’ll spend on new cars over the next four years.

“Almost half of all Family Firsts say they need a car that is suitable for carrying children, and they are 26% more likely than average to be looking out for an SUV.

“Toyota, Holden, Mazda, Ford and KIA top the list of makes they intend to buy. The stand out brand among Family Firsts is KIA, with intention levels more than triple the national average.

“Family Firsts are most likely to be found in Brisbane, followed by the suburbs of Melbourne and Perth, but are significantly underrepresented in Sydney.”

Where does Family First live in Brisbane & Melbourne?

Source: Helix Personas by Roy Morgan Research

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