Friday, December 6th, 2013

Early this morning, with your help, AskU reached a new milestone – we have successfully raised $10,000 for The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program. This means we are now refocusing our efforts to raising another $10,000 – this time for Mission Australia’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program.

AskU’s growing community of Australians donate short amounts of time, answer questions using our fun app, and raise money for worthy Australian charities. Achieving this milestone, the second for innovative shared value mobile application, AskU, shows growing momentum and greater awareness for charitable giving in the Australian marketplace.

“We were excited to support Opportunity International Australia with our first $10,000 charity goal, but we’ve reached this second goal for The Smith Family even faster”, says Jenny Geddes, CEO of Australian Charities Fund, the organisation behind AskU. “And as we handover the baton to Mission Australia, we have set ourselves a new challenge – to raise $10,000 before Christmas”.

AskU is a new approach to fundraising – with organisations paying AskU to ask questions of the growing public community. Individuals participate by downloading the AskU app and answering questions on a regular basis. With every question that is answered, a small amount of money is raised, collated and donated to charity. “It’s like micro-fundraising”, explains Jenny Geddes. “We don’t always have money to donate or time to volunteer – but with AskU, people can donate 30 seconds, answer questions and contribute to something much larger. It’s a small amount, but together as a community, these small amounts become substantial. With AskU, every moment you can donate, helps”.

While the momentum is building with AskU, there is still plenty to go. “We have some big plans”, says Jenny Geddes. “We have some great changes on the way with the way the app works and the things it can do. It’s exciting to see such innovation in the not-for-profit sector”. 

And as Mission Australia “checks-in” to AskU, we are all focusing on just what can be achieved. “Let’s work together to reach the Mission Australia charity goal before Christmas”, says Jenny Geddes. After all, it’s the giving season – and AskU is a great way to donate minutes, not money. 


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